Attributes Renamer (v2.0) for Movienizer v5.5+, v6.0+

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Attributes Renamer (v2.0) for Movienizer v5.5+, v6.0+

Post by JeF » Sun Dec 09, 2012 5:02 pm

Hi all,

This new version of the plugin is to only be used with Movienizer v5.5 and above (Unicode support).
If you're running a previous version of Movienizer, please use plugin v1.2 available here

If you're new to this plugin, here is the previous version introduction :

Have you got, for example, multiple 'genres' definitions which are all similar and should be melted in only ONE definition ?
If you have 'Sci Fi' and 'Sci-Fi' Genres, you may want to have all movies concerned point to only ONE name and the one you choose ('Sci-Fi' for example).
Renaming 'Sci Fi' Genres definition in 'Sci-Fi' won't be forbidden by Movienizer but you still have two groups of movies (each one with genre named 'Sci-Fi') ...
This plugin can do the melting job.

So, let's call a movie 'attribute' an info of a movie which refers to a definition list like 'Genre', 'Country', and so...
This plugin makes possible to switch a movie attribute name to another like switching the movies pointing to 'Sci Fi' Genre to now point to 'Sci-Fi' Genre instead of 'Sci Fi'.
This can be done for any attribute (genre, country, custom fields, custom lists, and so on...)

It's also possible to automotically delete the 'old' and unwanted value définition (this cleans up values lists even if next data download should recreate it)

Once you have set all rename rules, you can run a full rename operation later with a single click ('rename all' button)
This is useful after downloading much data from different sites...

How to install ?
Just download the zip file into the 'plugin' subfolder of the Movienizer Intall Dir and unzip there.

In this v2.0 (2012/12/09) :
[!] Unicode support : use only with Movienizer 5.5 and above
[*] Using an internal light weight theme when not running JeF interface
[*] Settings file is now saved under °/.APPDATA°/.\Movienizer\Settings (new Settings subfolder)

Attributes Renamer plugin v2.0
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