The Dark Knight Rises

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The Dark Knight Rises

Post by eas123 » Thu Feb 07, 2013 8:18 pm

Let just start by saying I'm huge fan of this trilogy, so at times I might be bias. The dark knight rises was a good film, not better then the dark knight but still a solid film. I love how they change Bane, so much better then Batman & Robin. This film really brought that character to a whole new light. It's just to bad that Poison Ivy & Mr. Freeze will never see the same treatment, at least not now. I also was not looking forward to Ann play catwoman (I thought that part was suited for Angelina Jolie), now I liked how she played the part, but there where somethings I didn't like like her killing Bane so easily. Also JGL presents was also great addition I just wish we saw more from him. Another issue I had was the main female villains name, I felt like they revealed her as the villain way to late in the game.

I give this movie a 7/10


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