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Message to administrators and developers

Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 11:46 am
by xbox80
Now the admin and the developers of this program they don't care about users,
they release some updates from time to time (with no new or useful features), just to win new users and get more money :|

write in the forum and no one answers :|

write e-mails and nobody answers, and if they answer and ask them for a code, they seem to want to protect a treasure, and they ignore you, even Microsoft doesn't do that,
should take example from other programmers (who have released better databases) :|

write to assistance and ignore you :|

what a pity, you have disappointed me :|

Re: Message to administrators and developers

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 9:16 am
by dfurn
Hello xbox80,

I really understand your frustration. I have used Movienizer for 10 years now (at least), and I really love this program.

But there are SO MANY bugs, or things that don't (always) work. This forum is dead, and as you say it, "no one answers".
We just have to live with the bugs.

I made a quick and non-exhaustive list of some bugs or issues I can remember (in no particular order).
I use the 'Modern' interface + the IMDB scripts.

Movienizer 10.1 - Build 594

On the main page, "show best rated people" does not work > it shows unrated recently added people.

When adding a new people (IMDB) who does not play in any movies already present in the database,
this new people get automatically assigned to a random (but always the same) movie of the database.

Search for Movies in Description > sometimes error message (invalid argument % ?)

When adding a new IMDB movie, Movienizer gets the translated movie title, not the ORIGINAL movie title

Logging to my IMDB account before launching Movienizer does absolutely nothing, some filmographies are incomplete

Sometimes (too often) after editing a movie or a people, it becomes un-editable (double-click is dead) > I have to select another movie, THEN come back to the movie I want to edit, THEN I can modify the movie.

Sometimes after editing a movie or a people, it's impossible to add new photos via drag-and-drop > I have to select another movie, THEN come back to the movie I want to edit, THEN I can drag-and-drop new photos.

CTRL+C rarely works, it's EXTREMELY unpleasant > error message "Cannot access clipboard"

Sometimes, when updating a people (fetching the last info on IMDB), Movienizer choose a random movie, and download the info !
Example : I want to update the actor "Michael Keaton", but Movienizer changes Michael Keaton (people) into the movie "Gone with the Wind" and download the info for this movie (even if this movie is NOT in my collection).

■ ISSUE 10
- Even with a powerful PC + lots of RAM, and everything installed on a SSD (Movienizer + the .dmo file + the 'Covers' folder),
Movienizer is SLOW when displaying the thumbnails of the 'Photos' tab of people.
- And Movienizer is SLOW when displaying 'quality' JPGs files, I'm talking about 1Mb+ files.
- AND JPGs with dimensions larger than your screen = if you have a 1920x1080 monitor, displaying a 2400x1200 JPG will be MUCH slower than displaying it with a simple image browser.
- AND the displaying is not centered on multiple display (NVIDIA Surround activated or not).

■ ISSUE 11
Drag-and-dropping an AVI file in a 'blank' movie (movie with just a title) does not ATTACH the file to the movie, it creates ANOTHER movie with the name of this file.

■ ISSUE 12
PLEASE give us the possibility to DEACTIVATE the 'file name number recognition', this is horrible! Everytime I drag-and-drop an AVI file with some numbers in the filename, Movienizer creates imaginary episodes ! I know this can be useful for some users, but it's a really really annoying feature for many of us too.

■ ISSUE 13
In the Search tab, when searching for people, we need the option to search in the BIOGRAPHY section, the essential info is in this section.

■ ISSUE 14
The 'Search for unavailable pictures' plugin is a good thing. Now a "Search for unnecessary pictures' would be a very useful feature.
This is how it should work :
1) Compare all the files from the 'Covers' folder with the pictures links of the database.
2) Delete (or move first, for safety) all the JPGs that are not linked to anything in the database.

■ ISSUE 15
Now the user interface ergonomics = the location of the "+" button in the 'Audio tracks' and 'Subtitles' tabs.
This is really not a good place, unnecessary long mouse movements are time-consuming and not good for your wrist,
especially if you add 50/100 new movies each week.

■ ISSUE 16
Why do we have to validate the filtering (in the 'Filter Bar') EVERYTIME we switch between the 'Movies' and 'Persons' tab ?
1) I am in the 'Persons' tab, and I type the name 'Henry' in the 'Filter-by-word' field.
2) Movienizer displays just the actors named Henry (Gregg Henry, Henry Ian Cusick, Henry Winkler etc.) = perfect.
3) But WHY when I click back on the 'Movies' tab, Movienizer displays ALL my movies, and not just 'Henry & June' and 'Henry's Crime' ?

1) I am in the 'Movies' tab, and I filter my movies by the letter Z
2) Movienizer displays just the movies that start with a Z (Zathura, Zoolander, Zulu etc.) = perfect.
3) But WHY when I click back on the 'Persons' tab, Movienizer displays ALL my actors, and I have to click again on the Z filter ?

Re: Message to administrators and developers

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 1:04 pm
by xbox80
You have listed all the bugs, but there are others
a very important one (which I asked many times)
the possibility of downloading the single card of an episode of a TV series (with actors, exceptional information)
I stopped using it, I got tired
there are other better databases
CATVids, very powerful and 100% customizable
the project has been closed, but the program works very well,
the programmer did a good job

Also or in loacalhost all the IMDB database with 4 million movies and 4 million actors (count around)
but it is updated until 2018, with the new files there are problems that the developer must solve

Movienizer and Medianizer programmers, think about it, so you lose a lot of users if you don't change your philosophy.