Bug in edition panel

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Bug in edition panel

Post by gallier2 » Sun Mar 05, 2017 2:12 pm

There's an annoying bug in the edition panel of the modify dialog.
As I use the french interface version all labels will be given in french as I don't know how they are in the english version.

The edition panel ("Édition") is the one that allows to list all versions of a movie or also all episodes of a series.
The thing happens systematically for series when the first episode "Série 1.1" already exists. When adding another file with the same epidode number i.e. 1.1 with another "Edition" field, then the first lines file name is overwritten with the new filename. This means that the 2 first entries point to the same file.
To explain why this is annoying and happens really very frequently, I have to develop a little my use case. Being polyglot and having often to do with multiple languages, French, German, English, Spanish, Italian etc. I oft have movies or series in more than one language. The audio track dialog of movienizer while nice is completely useless as it is impossible to use it with the renaming plugin. So I hijacked the Edition field and use that to distinguish the language versions of the files.
adding an episode 1.1 file when one already exists in a series list, overwrites the filename of the old 1.1 with the new one.

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