Improvements and new features in Movienizer 5.0 and 5.1

Take a look at Movienizer 5.0 with some great improvements and new features!

[!] New interface design.

We are glad to introduce the new interface theme, "Orange", now available as a part of the standard package. A fresh new look for your movie collection:

Orange - new user interface

[!] Greatly increased download speed for main movie information sources.

Now you can download important movie details from in just a few seconds! Due to the optimized performance adding movies to your database is much faster now. If you use a script that does not support the optimized feature yet, don't worry, it will be updated soon via the built-in script updater (there will be no need to download and install any new versions of the program).

[+] For main scripts, photos of people can now be downloaded together with information about movies.

There is a new interesting option: Movienizer 5 can additionally download photos of people when downloading information about movies. Now movie pages look nicer and are easier to read, as you can easily recognize favorite actors by photos. Adjust the number of photos to download in the options menu, if necessary.

Downloading photos with movie info

[+] Group operations now allow to download information for the selected movies or people.

If you need to update information for several movies from your collection, just enable the Group operations, select the movies and hit "Download" on the toolbar. Alternatively, you can right-click the list and choose the "Download" item. Movienizer will re-download and update information for the selected movies. This feature is also available for persons.

Group downloading

[+] When downloading, movie title or person's name are shown along with a counter.

The download window looks better and shows more information now:

New download progress view

[+] When adding movies from files, TV series are added separately, not as movies.

The file scanner has been updated to detect and properly add TV series. Now it is possible to add TV series from video files just as easily as individual movies.

Movienizer identifies TV series when adding from files

[+] New engine for adding files to TV series in the "Edit info" mode.

A new menu allows detecting episodes, taking into account various formats of filenames. Now you can add custom formats, which is especially useful if your filenames are unique to your system. Hints will help you to configure the episode scanner properly.

New menu for adding episodes

[+] Reading more media details from files: audio bitrate, comments for audio tracks and subtitles are saved.

The latest version of Movienizer provides more information about audio tracks of media files. Now the program reads additional details when adding files. For existing files, you can refresh information by clicking the "Reload" button on the "Editions" tab of the "Edit info" dialog. Owners of big movie databases can rescan all movie files to include the additional audio details with a single click. Alternatively, the program will convert the existing data to the new format without re-scanning the existing video files.

Audio tracks advanced info table

[+] In the "Edit info" mode, there is an option to go to the previous or next movie.

New buttons are now available in the "Edit info" dialog, allowing you to go to the previous or next movie without closing and re-opening the "Edit info" window. By default all changes that you make are saved automatically if you use these buttons. If this is not what you want, just disable the feature in options.

Swithing to the next movies

[+] New fields: tagline and cost.

Tagline allows to summarize the general idea of the movie in a few words, which may be especially helpful for the movies that you have not watched yet. Movienizer 5 will download taglines automatically, but, just like with every bit of information in your database, you can customize this field.

The "Cost" (or "Price") field will remind you how much you paid for this or that movie. It is also useful for insurance purposes.

Tagline and cost fields on the movie page

[+] It is now possible to add movie covers, shots, and photos of people to the database using Bing.

If for some reason you do not like images downloaded by the program from your favorite movie database (for example, there are too few, or even none), Movienizer can search for additional covers, shots and photos on the Internet, using Bing image search. The program displays images that it finds in a special preview window where you can select the ones that you like and add them to your database.

Bing image search feature

[-] Bugs fixed.

In Movienizer 5.0 we have fixed known bugs reported by you on our forum or using our support page. Thanks for keeping us informed!

Improvements and new features in Movienizer 5.1

[+] A new feature to create movie covers for Google TV.

It is now possible to create movie covers not only for Dune and WD TV players, but also for Google TV.

Creating movie covers for Google TV

[+] Parts of media_url can now be replaced using custom patterns when creating a movie catalog for Dune media players.

When creating a movie catalog for Dune media players, you can now apply your own pattern for creating links to files, in addition to the preinstalled ones. It may be useful when the program fails to detect the correct path because of NAS settings. To use this feature, click the "Renaming media_url" link when you create a Dune catalog and add replacement patterns.

Replacing parts of media_url

[-] Many bugs fixed.

Thanks to user requests there are many small improvements and bug fixes.