Opinions about Movienizer

Thank you!! You really rock! Everything works and having gotten to play with the new version may I just say WOW!. You have gone well beyond what I could have ever expected both in the new version and with your customer service.
J. Mahoney

I just want to congratulate and thank you (and your team, if applicable) for your superb customer service. You always reply quickly and are able to provide solutions to problems. I really appreciate the help and the fact that you seem to actually care about your customers - A very refreshing change from the shabby treatment provided by so many other companies out there. Keep up the great work! I will always recommend Movienizer to any one who asks me for advice on what media manager is best to use.
Christian DiGiovanna

Oh Boy it's a wonderful program. I'm really going to enjoy using it. YOU and your friends really did a great job when you all wrote those programs. Your all very gifted programmers and I Thank You all very much for doing such a great job. I'm going to be telling all my friends (book and movie ones) what fantastic programs I found to keep track of all our movies and books and they better hurry and get them too. For their are no better or easier ones around.

...of course you may use my opinion/unconditional praise about your programs in your testimonial section. I would be honored if you did and if there is anything else I can do for you and your team mates. Please don't hesitate to ask. For it would be my pleasure and honor to help you guys any way I can.

I worked with Movienizer all afternoon today. Entering my TV Series and I just love the program. It worked fantastically and I have no idea how I ever got along with out it. Boy it'll be a cold day in hell before I ever give it up ... hee hee :) Best money for a program I ever spent. If only all programs I use worked half as well.
Ms Pamela Wissink

Thank you for a truly remarkable program, The Movienizer. I now have all 945 of my movies cataloged and in a classy program to show my friends.
Steve Rigazzi

Thanks for Movienizer, I use it every day !

I like movienizer very much. So thank you for that.
Sren Hedeby Srense

Movienizer is a very good software program.
Richardt Hansen

Thanks for a most excellent product in Movienizer, I am close to the 1,000 movie mark and it works brilliant for me, I am able to load into my PDA to carry it when shopping to add to the collection. Thank you and the team.
Paul Harris

This is by far one of the better movie/video organizers I've ever used and the quick response to help me out is a definite plus. Thank you for you time and help.
Andrew Cawein

Hi, congratulations for your wonderfull program, I've bought it just yesterday and it is what I was looking for.
Jean Paul Garcia

Excellent program and FANTASTIC service!
Paul Graves

Movienizer is pretty much the coolest thing to organize a movie file database. I've been looking for this since I decided to save all the TV Series I've watched - you know it could last another generation; a cool way to spend time with your future grandchildren. Movienizer has helped me presently with not only organizing my movie but monitoring them as to whom I lent them to watch for the night. I couldn't say the program is perfect, I see so much potential in it. With the developers to thank for, I can say Movienizer is quite a promising software to enjoy!
Lester Udang

In case you have more then 100 videos in your collection, you MUST use this tool. Fast, easy to understand, intuitive and with VERY good usability. This is a real time saver!
Sergey Velichko

Thanks a lot, Movienizer is a great program, each movie-lover must have it. I work about 1 year with Movienizer, my collection is now: Movies in collection 2664 (all movies that I have), in database 118004, persons in collection 11062 (all with picture), in database 76700. Do somebody better?
My collection one year later; Movies in collection 4829, in database 274661, persons in collection 35693, in database 133386.
alpa (Forum)

Just want everyone to know i think this program is the best. everyone that has worked on making it get an A+ from me.
Thank you for your time
donmad (Forum)

This is THE BEST movie organizer i have ever found and used, especially for the price. New versions are frequent and any bugs are usually fixed. Of course, in fixing some bugs, some are created but that's fine because the next version usually takes care of that. Anyway, thanks for all the hard work and keep it up! I recommend this program to everyone i know.
noxiousfix (Forum)

The more I use it the more i like it.
hilfer (Forum)

Movienizer is quite a convenient and unique program. It has some impressive features.
I like the ability to search title using the IDMB # and queueing the search so that the information download is unattended.
I also like the export options, expecially the export to Word and excel, though it can still be polished.
The forum is active and users responses are considered.
Thanks for it all!!
Ravindra (Forum)

Thanks for a fantastic product. I was really dubious about paying good money for this software as having tested about 6 other offerings from your competitors, I was fast coming to the conclusion that there just wasn't anything out there that was stable, looked good, and was easy to add a large collection of movies and tv series without too much manual intervention. I'm happy to say that I feel my money has been well spent and your product definitely does all these things and more.
qbitz1 (Forum)

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