Movie Organizer: Features

Movienizer is a feature-rich movie organizer designed to be useful both for people that watch movies occasionally and for true fans of movies and TV series. This is possible due to simple intuitive controls, informative lists, and lots of options and adjustments for advanced users. Adding movies to your collection can be as easy as pressing the "Add movie" button and selecting the most convenient method. Still there are many more things one can do with the program. Just check the list below and click on links to get more information about the corresponding feature. Each link refers to its own feature.

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Some plugins are distributed with the program:

  • Path Changer. Change paths to your files easily if you moved your videos to a different location.
  • Video File Renamer. Rename and sort your video files using information from Movienizer.
  • Export to Windows Media Player. If you have a version of Windows including Media Center, you can create covers and descriptions for your movies in the format that Media Center can read and understand.

Not sure where to start? Just check the "Quick start" section for basic usage instructions!

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Movie organizer: A Movie Buff's Best Friend.
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