Collection: Sort Your Movies

In Movienizer, you can sort and search your movies in many different ways. For example, there is a powerful search engine, a quick search field on the toolbar, quick filters, letter filters, and more. The main movie list can be sorted by title, year, added date, rating, etc.

Further sorting options are available on the "Collection" tab:

Sorting methods for your movie collection

The example above displays the "Genres\Movies" tree, which means that all movies from our collection are sorted by genres. There are further sorting options up and down the list: "Countries\Movies" (movies by country), "Years\Movies" (movies by year), etc.

You can fully customize all items on the "Collection" tab. Just select "Manage" - "Customize collection" and edit / delete / add new sorting methods.

All these sorting methods can also be applied to reports. Select a sorting method on the "Collection" tab and open reports to have your movies listed in the desired order.

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