Reports: Export and Print Movie Info

Movienizer helps you organizing your movies and TV series by keeping all related information in one place. You can read synopsis, view movie covers, shots, photos of actors, play movies directly from the catalog, sort and search your movies in many different ways. However, it is also possible to use the collected information without Movienizer.

The movie organizer is capable of printing information about films from its database and exporting it to such formats as PDF, HTML, MS Word, MS Excel, text.

Select "Reports" - "Reports", or press F6 on your keyboard.

Open Reports

This will open a new window:

Reports window

There are several preinstalled report templates, you can select them from the "Report" dropdown list on the toolbar.

The magnifying glass button enables using search results. This feature is automatically enabled if you go to Reports from the "Search" tab, and disabled otherwise. Pressing the button when there are no search results will result in displaying an empty list. If you open reports from a search results page, the report will be limited to the number of movies set in the "Records per search page" field of the "Options" menu.

The "Edit" button will open a full-featured report editor.

"Export" will export the pages to one of the supported formats: PDF, MS Excel, MS Word, HTML, text. Click on the arrow next to this button to select the format.

"Print" will send the information you see to your printer.

"Zoom" defines how the preview is displayed.

Finally, the "Report builder" button will open an easy to use report builder that can help you create your own page template containing necessary information about your movies in a few seconds.

Movies in reports are filtered and sorted according to the filters and sorting methods that you apply in Movienizer. For example, if you open reports from the "Collection" tab, the program will use the filtered and sorted list according the the currently selected entry. If you open reports from the "Movies" tab, filters and the active sorting method of this list will be used.

Length of descriptions is controlled by the "Number of symbols in the synopsis" option on the "General" tab of the "Options" menu (F10).

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