Customize Collection

Movienizer offers quite a number of sorting methods on its "Collection" tab, so you can easily organize your movies and TV series. Additionally, several pre-defined sorting methods are available for the main movie list.

Finally, it is possible to remove the existing sorting methods from the "Collection" tab, edit them, or add new ones. This allows you sorting your movies in any imaginable way.

Select "Manage" - "Customize collection":

Open the customize collection window

This will open a new window:

Customize sorting methods

Here you can add new sorting formats, edit existing ones or remove them from the list.

Let's take a closer look at this window. There are two lists: "Formats" on the left contains all currently available sorting methods that are displayed on the "Collection" tab, and "Possible values" on the right shows all variables that we can use in our formats.

Now let's click on some format from the "Formats" list (on the left). The entry will be highlighted, and the corresponding values will be shown in the "Format builder" area above.

To remove the selected format, click on the yellow minus button.

To move it up or down the list, use the corresponding arrow buttons in the upper right corner of the list.

To edit the format, change the "Format" (1) and "Description" (2) fields and click on the diskette button (3).

To add a new sorting format, enter information into the "Format" (1) and "Description" (2) fields and click on the green plus button (3). Optionally, you can also use different images.

Use the pre-defined sorting methods as examples to learn how to build new entries. "%32\%10" will have our movies sorted by studio, while the opposite "%10\%32" will list all studios for every movie (which is probably not very fascinating, as we can see that information on the movie page). It is possible to create 3 and more levels for in-depth analysis of your movie collection.

After making any changes click "OK" to close the window. After this, you will be able to use the new sorting methods on the "Collection" tab.

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