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There are several features in Movienizer that can be used to find a movie or a person that you added into your collection. For example, you can sort the main movie list in different ways, use even more sorting methods on the "Collection" tab, create your own sorting rules, apply quick filters, select groups of movies or people that match certain criteria on the "Search" tab, etc. However, if you are looking for some particular movie and know its title, or a title of some episode of a TV series, or a part of its filename, you can simply use the "Quick search" feature of Movienizer.

The "Quick search" field can be found on the toolbar of the program next to the letter filters.

Quick search

Start typing a movie title. If "Auto filter when typing into quick search" option is enabled in the "Options" menu (which is by default), the main movie list will be filtered as you type. If a unique combination of letters is entered, Movienizer will automatically show the page of the corresponding movie in its main area.

If the "Quick search by filename" option is enabled in the "Options" menu, you can enter a part of a path to show all movies with that path in the movie list.

In the same way, you can search for persons.

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