Translating Movienizer Into Your Language

Movienizer supports a number of interface languages, which means that it can show menu items, button names and other controls in your language. This should be distinguished from information about movies and persons. The latter can also be downloaded in different languages, but it depends on the selected information source.

When you install Movienizer, it detects the main language of your operating system and uses it by default. You can switch to a different language manually either during installation or later, in the program.

In Movienizer, select "File" - "Language" - your language:

Interface languages in Movienizer

If your language is not listed, you can translate the program and get a license for free. Partial translations / updates are accepted.

In order to translate the program into your language, open the program's folder in "Program files", create a copy of "English.lng", rename the copy to match your language (for example, "Spanish.lng"), then open the file in some text editor (for example, Notepad) and translate all strings into your language.

Normally at the beginning of the language file, there are a couple of strings saying English, for example:


The first string is for the name of your language in English (for example, German). The second string is for the local name of your language (Deutsch).

& means a keyboard shortcut (hotkey), you can set it to any letter, for example:


This shortcut will work if you press ALT + "x".


This one will work if your press ALT + "e".

With these shortcuts, some tests are necessary to make sure that you don't have any conflicting hotkeys in the same menu.

%d and %s are variables that will be replaced by the program. You will see their meaning from the context. Place them where appropriate in your translated string, but do not remove them.

You can also help by updating an existing language file. As new versions of Movienizer are released, new lines appear in language files. If you notice that some elements are in English despite the fact that a different language is used, you can open the corresponding language file and update it, as described above.

Please contact us before starting any work!

You can share your translation on our forum or by emailing it to us. We will release it with the next update of the program.

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