Loan Manager

Movienizer can catalog all kinds of movies and TV series: movies on DVD's/Blu-ray's, video files, VHS cassettes, films, and all other sorts of media. After adding your movies to the program you will be able to sort and search them in many different ways, apply filters, update information or change status in Group Operations, create and print reports, view statistics, and so on. You can easily track where a particular disc / cassette / film is right now using the "Location" and "Disc#" fields of the "Editions" tab.

If you give your DVD's / Blu-ray's to your friends, the built-in Loan Manager may help you tracking media that goes outside your house.

On the toolbar of the program, click on the "Loan manager" button:

Open Loan Manager

This will open a new window:

Loan Manager for movies

Here we can see a list of all loaned movies. Additionally, all movies that have some information in their "Location" field are displayed.

In the lower part of the window, there are controls that allow creating and managing loans.

From the "Movie" dropdown list, select the movie that you give. The "Loan date" field specifies when the movie was given, select the correct date here. In the "Due date" field you can specify when you expect the movie to be returned.

"Return date" is for saving when the movie was actually returned.

Finally, in the "Comment" field, you can enter anything you want. If there are only a few friends that you give your movies to, you can enter the friends as "locations". This gives you some flexibility: for example, you can use quick filters to show all movies borrowed by a particular friend. In our examples, friends are entered into the comment field.

After setting all fields, click on the "Add a loan" button to add the entered information to the list. If you click on the "Save" button, your new information will simply overwrite any existing loan information for the selected entry.

"Delete a loan" will delete the currently selected loan from the list.

The Loan Manager allows storing information about all previous loans, so you can easily remember if you gave a particular movie to a particular friend. Also, if you find out that some disc is damaged, you can look up who took it last time and be more careful with the person.

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