Use Several Movie Databases

In this topic we will discuss creating and using separate databases for various purposes. For example, you can create one database for animation movies, another one for movies and TV series, yet another one for adult movies, etc. While, of course, Movienizer is capable of handling all sorts of movies in a single database, there may be considerations for keeping several databases. In such way it is possible to lock the database containing adult movies with a password, while keeping other databases open for everybody.

When you first install Movienizer, a demo database is opened. It shows you some features of the program and how your own database may look like. After exploring it you may want to start adding movies from your own collection. But before doing so, create a new database.

Select "File" - "New database":

Create a new database

A "Save as" window will be shown.

Select a folder and enter a filename for your database

Here you can select a folder and enter a filename for your database file. Please consider using the location where you typically save your documents and other data (by default, Windows offers a special "Documents" folder for this purpose). It is not recommended to use the folder where the program itself is installed (typically in Program files). If you are not sure where to save the database, just use the folder suggested by the program.

After entering a filename, click "Save". This creates a new blank database, that you can immediately start filling with information about movies and actors.

Now you already have 2 databases: the demo one installed by the program and the one you've just created. You can switch back to the demo database using the "File" - "Open database" menu, or, easier, by selecting the database from "Recent databases":

Recent databases

Thus you can keep an unlimited number of databases in Movienizer and switch between them as necessary.

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