Movie Database Password

With Movienizer, you can add your movies into one or several databases. Any database can be protected with a password, which will prevent other people from opening it and browsing your movies. By default, no password is set, so Movienizer will simply open your last database.

To protect your movie database with a password, select "File" - "Set up database password":

Set database password

A new window will appear:

Protect your database with a password

Enter the password you want to use into the fields (twice) and click "Save". If the passwords match, the window will be closed. Now, next time you start Movienizer and open this database, the program will ask you to enter the password:

Enter your password

If a wrong, or no password is entered, Movienizer will deny access to the database. If you use several databases, other databases can be protected with different passwords or remain unprotected. Thus it is possible, for example, to protect a database containing adult movies and keep other databases open for general use.

To remove the password, open your database providing the valid password, select "File" - "Set up database password" and click "Save", leaving the both fields blank.

This password protection feature restricts access to your movie database. However, it does not encrypt any information from your database, and the information can still be accessed by a computer professional using special tools. If you need better protection, consider using special encryption tools.

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