Movie Rating

When you add movies or TV series into Movienizer and download information about them, the program automatically downloads site rating of the movie. It can be IMDb rating, Kinopoisk rating, or some other site's rating (if available), depending on which online movie database you download information from. Additionally, you can rate movies yourself and use the rating for various purposes, for example, to sort the movie list by your rating.

On the movie page, you can see ratings directly under the movie cover.

Movie rating

We can see the IMDb rating and "My rating" on the screenshot above. This is where you can also change your rating. Just click on the stars to set it. Each star is divided into 2 halves and represents 2 points, thus you can rate movies from 1 to 10.

Rating can be edited in the "Edit info" window:

Edit movie rating

Site ratings other than IMDB rating cannot be changed by the user and are not available in the "Edit info" window.

You can use your rating to sort movies on the "Collection" tab, or as a parameter on the "Search" tab. You can also sort the main movie list according to your rating or site rating. Just select the corresponding option in the "Manage" - "Sort movie list by" menu:

Sort movie list by rating

Additionally, it is possible to filter the movie list using your rating. You can enable this filter using the toolbar at the bottom of the movie list:

Filter movies by rating

The filtered or sorted list can be used to create a report and export or print information about the corresponding movies in the desired order.

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