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Movienizer can download information about movies and actors from a number of online databases. Different databases contain different details, so individual scripts offer their own settings and adjustments. However, there are general download settings that control all download scripts.

Press F10 or select "Tools" - "Options" to open the general options menu of the program. Switch to the "Download options" tab.

Download options

In this window, we see 4 areas: "For movies", "For people", "For TV series", and an unnamed area containing some additional settings. At the top of the window, there is a dropdown list with several predefined profiles that allow quickly selecting various sets of options for different situations.

Most settings have names that sufficiently describe their meaning. Settings like "Download the complete cast/crew list" are used by the program to decide whether it is necessary to download an additional page with credits, or the already available information is sufficient. However, some sites offer the complete cast & crew list with further information about the movie, in which case this option is not used (the complete list will be extracted).

Thus using fewer options may increase download speed. On the other hand, some information may be unavailable on the site you download information from, so settings for the options will have no effect (for example, no awards will be downloaded, if the selected movie database does not offer information about movie awards, regardless of what you select in this window).

Options in the "For movies" area also apply to TV movies and TV series. The additional area, "For TV Series", defines whether Movienizer should download covers for seasons and episodes (it is also possible to extract a shot from each episode and use it as the episode's cover).

In the "For people" area, there are two options that are actually used when you download information about movies: "Download photos with movie info" and "Add people to collection when downloading their photos". Using the first one, you can control whether Movienizer should download photos of people together with information about movies, and if so, how many. By default, photos of actors (if available) are shown on movie pages.

"Add people to collection when downloading their photos" will automatically put persons for which photos were downloaded into your collection. Persons in collection are displayed on the "Persons" tab of the program (the left area), while persons outside your collection are still reachable but not displayed on the "Persons" tab. There are some further differences.

Let's take a look at the options in the right lower corner of the window.

  • "Timeout, ms" - defines how much Movienizer should wait for the server to respond. The default is 10000 (10 seconds). If you have a slow internet connection, or the site you download information from is responding with delays, you may consider increasing the value to 20000 or 30000.
  • "Download only one character per person for every movie" - helps to prevent people from appearing twice due to different names of the same role on different sites. However, this option has a drawback: if the person played two roles in the same movie, only one will be imported.
  • "Download cover when adding by barcode" - refers to adding movies by barcode.
  • "Replace descriptions / biographies when downloading info". Movienizer does not duplicate descriptions, so if you re-download information about a movie without changing its descriptions, you will get the same description. However, if you changed something in the description, or if it was changed on the site (for example, a typo corrected), Movienizer will recognize this as a new description and will add it to the end of the existing one, if this option is not enabled. If it is enabled, the new description will simply replace the old one. You may want to disable this option, if you enter or adjust descriptions manually.

After changing something on the "Download options" tab, click "OK" to confirm and save the changes.

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