Movienizer for iPhone

Warning: The cloud server has been disabled, so the iPhone app will no longer be able to synchronize with Movienizer for Windows.

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Movienizer for iPhone is a supplement to Movienizer. It displays on your iPhone the movie list you created with Movienizer and uploaded to the server using the synchronization feature. Synchronization requires an internet connection.

Movie covers on an iPhone

This allows you to take information about your movie collection anywhere you go. For example, you can quickly check if you have this or that movie before buying more DVDs/ Blu-rays. If you also own a Dune HD media player, you can use your iPhone as a remote control to select and start playing movies easily.

Your movie list can be represented as covers or as a detailed list:

Movies as a detailed list

Detailed information about individual movies is available:

Information about a movie

It is also possible to watch movie trailers directly on your iPhone.

Movie trailer link

Just like in Movienizer, you can easily find movies using the quick search field.

Search for movie

Alternatively, you can browse movies by categories or apply various filters.

Apply filters to your movie list

After you install and start the program on your iPhone, it shows a demo database. In order to start working with your own database, click on the "Cloud" icon and enter your login data that you created with Movienizer. If you logged in using your Facebook account, you will receive your login data to your email.

Log in to the server

In order to control playing movies on your Dune HD player, create an illustrated movie catalog for Dune HD with Movienizer. This will save paths to your movie files in the database, so your iPhone will know how to access the corresponding video files. The catalog itself is not required.

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Movie organizer: A Movie Buff's Best Friend.
Illustrated movie catalog
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