Sorting Titles

After adding your movies and TV series into Movienizer, you may find out that they are sorted not exactly by title. By default, the program ignores "the" and "a", as well as some other things in titles:

The is ignored

This happens, because Movienizer sorts movies by special sorting titles. We can check the currently active sorting method in the "Manage" menu:

Currently selected sorting method

When you add a movie, Movienizer creates a sorting title for it automatically. The program ignores various characters and some words. The complete list of words to ignore is available on the "Sort title" tab of the "Options" window:

Rules for sorting titles

Here you can add your own words or remove existing ones. Additionally, you can create sorting titles for movies where they are missing (Fill out empty sorting titles) or simply regenerate sorting titles for all movies (Fill out all sorting titles). It is also possible to create sorting titles from original titles.

On the right, there is a "Filter movies by" area. It does not affect sorting, but it is essential for filtering. These rules are applied when you click a letter filter on the toolbar of the program.

Sorting titles can also be edited or entered manually. Open the "Edit info" window for a movie and click on the "..." button next to the "Title" field:

Editing sorting titles

As an example, we can adjust the automatically created titles for the Star Wars series to have all movies of the series sorted in the correct order:

All episodes are properly sorted

If you have a movie out of order, though its title seems to be correct, check its sorting title. You may need to adjust or re-enter it.

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