Improvements and new features in Movienizer 5.6

Take a look at the new Movienizer 5.6 with the following improvements:

[+] When adding movies from files, the file extension is saved to the "Format" field.

File extension quite often says much above the format of a particular file, we refer to "AVI format", "MKV format", etc. Movienizer 5.6 uses this fact to make the process of adding movies from files more convenient. Now the file extension is saved to the "Format" field of the movie edition. This will allow you using several other convenient features of the program: for example, select movies of a certain format using Quick filter, sort movies by formats on the "Collection" tab, and so on.

MKV format on the Editions tab

[+]  When adding movies by barcodes, it is now possible to save information downloaded from Amazon.

When you add movies using their barcodes, Movienizer requests some basic information about the movies from Amazon. This information is shown directly in the first step of the "Add movie" dialog and typically includes a cover, the title, and some other details. When you click "Next", Movienizer tries to find some more information about the movies using the selected download source (for example, IMDb), but sometimes no further information is available for the particular title, and Movienizer reports that the movie was not found. While in most cases it would be sufficient to edit the title (remove such details as "extended edition", which do not belong to the title) and try once again, in Movienizer 5.6, there is yet another option. Now you can simply add the movie using the details downloaded from Amazon.

Details from Amazon (such as technical information about the disc) can also be saved, if additional information about the movie was downloaded using a script.

Adding movies by barcodes

[-] Fixed saving information about actors when downloading information for a group of movies.

A problem was reported in Movienizer 5.5: when downloading information about a group of movies, the program stopped saving information about actors into its database. This problem was fixed in Movienizer 5.6.

[-] Fixed saving Dune template settings on system with UAC enabled.

User Account Control (UAC) is an additional security feature, introduced in Windows Vista and available in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Movienizer 5.6 fixes the problem with saving Dune template settings on system where UAC is enabled.

[-] Fixed detecting DVD video resolution.

It was reported that Movienizer 5.5 did not detect DVD video resolution correctly. This problem was fixed in Movienizer 5.6.

[-] Fixed saving size of the main window on systems where bigger fonts are used.

If your system is set to use bigger font size and make texts and other items look bigger, previous versions of Movienizer could restore the size of the main window incorrectly. This issue was fixed in Movienizer 5.6.

[-] Fixed other small bugs.

As usual, the new version includes some further minor improvements and bug fixes. Please report any problems you find in Movienizer on our forum or using our support page.

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