What's new in Movienizer

[!] Important
[+] New
[*] Changes
[-] Fixed error

Version 8.1 (Build 445 released 9/04/15)

[+] Added a feature to download existing movie lists from IMDb
and Kinopoisk.
[+] Added a confirmation prompt when deleting a movie or a person.
[+] Added a "Save as poster" button in the image search window.
[*] Improved canceling information download when working with several
[*] Now it is possible to add several persons with the same name that
took part in the same movie without merging their records.
[-] Fixed creating paths for a Dune movie catalog when the feature of
grouping people by the first letter was disabled.
[-] Fixed showing movies in the list when using an extended filter
that included a "Not in collection" condition.
[-] Fixed showing pictures in the edit info window for movies when
the "Previous" and "Next" buttons were used to navigate between movies.
[-] Fixed importing filmographies for people that did several things in
a movie (for example, director and composer etc.).
[-] Fixed a problem that might cause showing a "Socket Error" message.
[-] Fixed other bugs.
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Version 8.0 (Build 440 released 4/01/15)

[!] Controls in the "Edit info" window for movie were reorganized. 
Directors, screenplay writers and other crew members are shown in a 
single list.
[!] Added support for new types of people: producers and cinematographers.
[!] In extended filters, it is now possible to select a logical operator 
("AND" / "OR") for fields with several values.
[+] Technical information can now be copied to other editions / episodes.
[+] Movie rating can be updated without re-downloading any other 
[+] For movies with several editions, when movie location is set using 
the right-click menu, you can now select an edition.
[+] In the loan manager, loans can be sorted by any column. Additionally 
the movie you selected in the main window is highlighted.
[+] The mechanism of getting movie titles from filenames can now be 
[+] It is now possible to use Kinopoisk rating in Dune templates.
[+] Your rating can now be displayed in filmographies.
[+] Filmographies can be sorted by your rating.
[+] New fields are available in reports: screenplay writers, composers, 
cinematographers, producers.
[+] The new version of the Video File Renamer plugin allows to decode 
the "Original title" field according to your locale. This provides 
compatibility with programs that do not support Unicode.
[+] The new version of the Path Changer plugin can hide existing files. 
This allows quickly selecting videos that were moved to a different 
folder and need their paths to be updated in Movienizer.
[+] Pictures of awards received by a person are displayed under the main 
photo on the person's page.
[*] When you switch between editions, any changes you made are saved 
[*] If you start Movienizer with your database file moved or deleted, 
the program prompts to create a new database or open an existing one.
[*] The letter filter on the toolbar can contain more elements.
[-] Fixed filtering by location in extended filters.
[-] Fixed sorting movies by type on the "Collection" tab.
[-] Fixed behavior of the "Play" button when working with the 
"Collection" tab.
[-] Fixed the error that popped up if you quickly switched between 
seasons of a TV series in the "Edit info" window.
[-] Fixed editing characters (roles) in the person's window.
[-] Fixed other bugs.
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Version 7.2 (Build 431 released 09/17/14)

[-] Fixed some bugs.

Version 7.2 (Build 425 released 09/09/14)

[!] Added extended filters with an option to create them from search 
[+] It is now possible to download information about movies from the 
selected Collection item. You can use the "Download" button on the toolbar.
[+] Now you can save pictures from Movienizer.
[+] The "Movie series" field is now available in reports.
[+] When adding movies from files and folders, you can now select or 
unselect all highlighted files/folders. Alternatively, all files/folders 
can be selected or unselected.
[+] For TV series, support for episodes from unknown seasons (specials) 
was added.
[+] In the Modern interface, you can now mark episodes of TV series as 
seen or remove this property. Additionally, episodes can be rated.
[+] In the Modern, Orange, Breeze interface, you can now mark all 
episodes of a season as seen or unseen.
[+] It is now possible to import a Movie Collector's database split into 
several XML files.
[-] Fixed creating a Dune movie catalog for people with 3 names.
[-] Fixed creating a Dune movie catalog for movies with characters 
like ":" in their titles.
[-] Fixed renaming movie series.
[-] Fixed other bugs.
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Version 7.1 (Build 417 released 03/17/14)

[-] Fixed some bugs.

Version 7.1 (Build 406 from 03/09/14)

[!] Added custom fields and lists for persons.
[+] On the "Search" tab, it is possible to search for movies that
are not in the collection.
[+] Saving size of the "Add movie/ Add person" windows.
[+] Added a hotkey combination, Ctrl+D, to open the Dune catalog wizard
for the current movie.
[+] In the "Customize collection" window, a new variable, %40, is 
available. It can be used to create "Date added" entries.
[+] When adding movies from files, an existing movie cover can be used 
as the main cover.
[*] In the "Add movie / Add person" window, the focus is automatically 
set to the field where you enter information.
[*] On the toolbar, width of arrows that open dropdown lists is increased.
[*] On the "Collection" tab, movies from movie series are sorted by 
their number in the series.
[-] Fixed creating a movie catalog for Popcorn Hour.
[-] Fixed counting number of movie series in the statistics.
[-] Fixed saving the selected state of the "Replace descriptions / 
biographies when downloading info" option.
[-] When creating a Dune movie catalog, in the "Directors" category, all 
people are now processed instead of only those who have photos.
[-] When using several tabs, correct files can be played from the 
toolbar for the selected tab.
[-] Fixed adding people that are actors, directors and screenplay 
writers at the same time.
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Version 7.0 (Build 398 from 12/23/13)

[!] Synchronizing the movie list with a cloud server.
[!] Licensing changes. Now a single registration code works for all 
[+] New data in the statistics.
[+] Pie charts in the statistics.
[+] When going forwards / back, the scrolling position is saved.
[+] Selecting size of icons for the main toolbar.
[+] It is now possible to extract movie titles from names of folders 
containing the corresponding files (selected in the file scanner settings).
[*] Starting the built-in player with the option to select files, if 
started on a movie without video files.
[-] Fixed bugs.
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Version 6.3 (Build 387 from 09/09/13)

[-] Fixed creating movie catalogs for Dune. If you use additional Dune 
templates, please re-download them from our site.
[-] Fixed re-downloading photos of people that are not in the database.
[-] Fixed other bugs.

Version 6.3 (Build 386 from 09/02/13)

[!] A feature to download information about selected movies from the 
person's page.
[!] A feature to re-download main photos of people.
[+] An option to show user rating and Kinopoisk rating under movie 
covers (Breeze).
[+] An option to show disc numbers in the movie list.
[+] A possibility to enter a local path to a trailer.
[*] By default, only "In collection" and "Seen" icons are displayed on 
movie pages (Breeze).
[-] Fixed creating an illustrated movie catalog for Dune HD for a big 
number of movies.
[-] Fixed saving Dune pattern settings on systems with active UAC.
[-] Fixed setting location.
[-] Fixed showing incomplete images when displaying them in a separate 
[-] Fixed losing episode rating when re-downloading information about 
the TV series.
[-] Fixed other bugs.
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Version 6.2 (Build 379 from 06/18/13)

[+] For Kinopoisk, the movie type (TV series, TV, mini-series, etc.) is 
[+] For insufficient screen resolution, graphic tabs are replaced with 
text tabs.
[-] Fixed duplicating output information in certain scenarios.
[-] Fixed statistics by year and custom rating.
[-] Fixed selecting images in the "Edit info" window.
[-] Fixed saving movie connections.

Version 6.2 (Build 374 from 06/13/13)

[+] It is now possible to download movie connections (for kinopoisk and 
imdb). For movie series (for example, Star Wars), a name and the number in 
the series are assigned automatically.
[+] Downloading awards for people.
[+] Showing main movie awards under the movie cover.
[+] Selecting several images in the "Edit info" window for movies / persons 
to change the picture type or delete the selected images.
[+] Changing the order of items on the "Collection" tab.
[+] In the statistics window, new items showing popularity of actors and 
[+] Full-screen mode for the built-in player.
[+] New version of the Video File Renamer plugin.
[*] Improved window for downloading information about actors from the 
selected movie.
[*] All scripts are checked for updates at the program's startup, missing 
scripts are downloaded.
[-] Fixed bugs.
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Version 6.1 (Build 371 from 04/11/13)

[!] Now it is possible to create illustrated movie catalogs for Popcorn
Hour A-400.
[+] On the "Collection" tab, the list of seasons and episodes of TV
series can now be displayed, along with the seen flag for each episode.
[+] A new option to sort the movie list by site rating.
[+] Awards and site rating can now be used in reports.
[+] Reports can be sorted and filtered according to the selected item on
the "Collection" tab.
[+] The HTTPS protocol is now supported in download scripts.
[+] Searching for adult titles is now supported in the IMDb script.
[+] Checking integrity of the database when creating a backup copy.
[+] Creating Dune movie catalogs for Dune players with different network
[+] In the Breeze user interface, it is now possible to show actors by
[+] In the movie list, site rating for the movies can be displayed.
[+] On the "By rating" tab, movies can be sorted by user rating or by
site rating.
[+] When searching movies by description, the search phrase is
highlighted in descriptions.
[*] Improved parsing of filenames.
[-] Fixed bugs.
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Version 6.0 (Build 345 from 01/18/13)

[+] New scripts for a Polish online movie database.
[+] An option to delete thumbs from the "File" menu.
[*] Improved detecting Blu-ray parameters.
[*] Improved picture quality for random shots on the home page of 
the Breeze interface and for Dune catalogs.
[*] The Original user interface now fully supports new features 
of Movienizer 6.0
[-] Fixed manually adding actors to a movie.
[-] Fixed saving pictures with wrong names.
[-] Fixed editing date added/seen using keyboard.
[-] Fixed importing movies from EMDB.
[-] Fixed showing a wrong program icon on certain configurations of 
[-] Fixed background image preview in the Dune movie catalog wizard.
[-] Fixed showing thumbs of photos in one of the view modes.
[-] Fixed a bug in the Born today feature
[-] Fixed other bugs.

Version 6.0 (Build 338 from 12/24/12)

[!] Movienizer now fully supports Unicode, so it is possible to save 
texts in different languages without readjusting any system settings.
[+] New user interface: Breeze. On the main page, random shots from 
your movies are shown.
[+] In the Breeze, Orange and Modern interfaces, now it is easy to see 
people whose birthday is today.
[+] An important feature for movie lovers: download information about 
people and learn about their spouses.
[+] A new feature to replace (instead of adding) movie descriptions or 
biographies when downloading information. Attention: by default it is 
[+] On the "Search" tab, there is a new feature to search for movies 
using a phrase from their descriptions.
[+] Now it is possible to add several pictures from files at once.
[*] Last added and last updated movies are now sorted not only by date, 
but also by time.
[*] Pictures can now be displayed at the center of the screen.
[-] Fixed bugs.
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Version 5.6 (Build 330 from 12/11/12)

[-] Fixed uploading filenames with accented letters to Dune HDI.

Version 5.6 (Build 326 from 12/05/12)

[-] Fixed printing reports.
[-] Fixed bugs in updating date added / date seen.

Version 5.6 (Build 324 from 11/29/12)

[+] When adding movies from files, the file extension is saved to the 
"Format" field.
[+] When adding movies by barcodes, it is now possible to save information 
downloaded from Amazon.
[-] Fixed saving information about actors when downloading information for 
a group of movies.
[-] Fixed saving Dune template settings on system with UAC enabled.
[-] Fixed detecting DVD video resolution.
[-] Fixed saving size of the main window on systems where bigger fonts are 
[-] Fixed other small bugs.
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Version 5.5 (Build 319 from 11/18/12)

[-] Fixed an export to Dune (NFS protocol).

Version 5.5 (Build 318 from 11/12/12)

[-] Fixed an error that could crash the program on some systems.

Version 5.5 (Build 316 from 11/10/12)

[+] An option to set the main cover/photo easily.
[+] It is now possible to change the order of actors in movies 
by dragging their names on the "Actors" tab.
[+] New statistics items: movie rating and years.
[+] New items in the report builder: countries and file size.
[+] Close tabs by clicking them with the middle mouse button.
[+] Open inactive new tab by clicking a link with the middle 
mouse button.
[*] The Bing Image search engine was rewritten.
[-] Fixed deleting movies from the "Unseen" category of the 
Dune catalog.
[-] Fixed bugs in creating a Dune catalog alphabetically.
[-] Fixed showing available letters in the first letter filter.
[-] Fixed downloading trailer links.
[-] Fixed other bugs.
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Version 5.4 (Build 310 from 9/12/12)

[+] Updating scripts in the background.
[+] Remembering selected tabs on the home page of the Orange interface.
[*] Updated interface scripts: JeF and Modern.
[-] Fixed bugs.
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Version 5.3 (Build 298 from 7/19/12)

[+] Change order of pictures with Drag&Drop in the edit info window.
[+] New layout for the seasons tab in the edit info window.
[+] An option to download season and episode covers.
[+] An item for extracting shots from video files and saving them as 
episode covers was added to the Tools menu.
[+] Season covers can now be used for your Dune movie catalog.
[+] A separate option for the number of backdrops to download.
[+] Episodes can now be automatically marked as seen when you start 
playing the files.
[+] New output options in the Orange user interface.
[*] More informative messages when video files cannot be played.
[-] Bugs fixed.
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Version 5.2 (Build 287 from 5/16/12)

[+] A new version of the plugin that exports information about movies 
to Windows Media Center.
[-] Fixed "disappearing" pictures for databases that are stored on a
network drive.
[-] Fixed marking episodes of TV series as seen in the interface.
[-] Fixed and updated interface scripts.
[-] Fixed problems in creating reports.
[-] Fixed creating Dune catalogs for people after changing the format of 
their names.
[-] Fixed other small bugs.
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Version 5.2 (Build 281 from 5/02/12)

[!] The backup and recovery engine has been rewritten to keep your
movie database safe.
[+] A new option to search for movie covers and photos of people using
Google Images.
[+] Episodes of TV series can be marked as seen.
[+] You can assign your own rating to individual episodes.
[+] Now you can change the type of any picture directly on the page of
the movie/person.
[+] An option to add movies by barcodes in a batch.
[+] Movie series can now be used on the "Collection" tab.
[+] Original title can now be used on the "Collection" tab.
[+] New categories for Dune illustrated movie catalog: subtitles and
languages of audio tracks.
[+] When creating a catalog for Dune, now you can put the complete list
of persons into one folder, without alphabetical subfolders.
[+] New features in the included Video File Renamer plugin. Countries
can be used to create new filenames and folder names for your video files.
[+] New features in the included Path Changer plugin. Now you can also
change location and disc label.
[+] A new pre-installed report to print DVD covers.
[*] A new layout for controls in the edit info window.
[-] Bugs fixed.
More info

Version 5.1 (Build 260 from 1/17/12)

[+] A new feature to create movie covers for Google TV.
[+] Parts of media_url can now be replaced using custom patterns when
creating a movie catalog for Dune media players.
[-] Many bugs fixed.

Version 5.0 (Build 256 from 12/28/11)

[!] New interface design.
[!] Greatly increased download speed for main movie information
[+] For main scripts, photos of people can now be downloaded together
with information about movies.
[+] Group operations now allow to download information for the
selected movies or people. 
[+] When downloading, movie title or person's name are shown along
with a counter.  
[+] When adding movies from files, TV series are added separately, not
as movies.  
[+] New engine for adding files to TV series in the "Edit info" mode.
[+] Reading more media details from files: audio bitrate, comments for
audio tracks and subtitles are saved.      
[+] In the "Edit info" mode, there is an option to go to the previous
or next movie.           
[+] New fields: tagline and cost.
[+] It is now possible to add movie covers, shots, and photos of
people to the database using Bing.           
[-] Bugs fixed.
More info

Version 4.5 (Build 248) (11/06/11)

[-] Fixed adding movies by barcode.
[-] Minor bugs fixed.

Version 4.5 (Build 246) (11/02/11)

[+] Tabbed interface support.
[+] It is now possible to protect your database with a password.
[+] Creating movie covers and background pictures for WD TV players.
[+] Creating a movie catalog for Dune in Flash (a third-party
application is required).
[+] Quick search by filename and folder name.
[+] Edit the list of the file extensions to scan when adding movies.
[+] Quickly open files and folders in Windows Explorer.
[+] The updated JeF user interface is included.
[+] A new version of the video file renaming plugin is included.
Additional fields are now available to use in names of video files and
[+] A new version of the plugin that exports movie data to Windows
Media Center and creates movie covers (folder.jpg) is included.
[-] The delete unused files feature fixed.
[-] Further small bugs fixed.
More info

Version 4.4 (Build 239) (8/16/11)

[!] The program starts much faster now due to several optimizations.
[+] Added support for film series. For every movie, a movie series
title and the number in the series can be added. 
[+] An option to download high resolution images and posters from 
[+] Added a new category, "Film series", for illustrated movie catalog
for Dune. 
[+] When creating a Dune movie catalog, it is now possible to create
only new folders. 
[+] A new filter to list movies, movie series, or TV series.
[+] In the image viewer, arrow keys can be used for browsing pictures.
[+] A double click on the movie or person page will open the "Edit
information" window. 
[+] Group operations for people (currently only deleting).
[+] An option to select all movies/people with a single click in the
group operations mode. 
[+] It is now possible to enter a new name or title and send a new
search query without leaving the page of search results. 
[+] The new version of the Video File Renamer plugin, v.3, is
[+] Added a new plugin that can export information from Movienizer to
Windows Media Center. The plugin can also create cover files,
folder.jpg, that can be used by most multimedia programs.  
[+] The Modern interface includes new sorting options for filmography.
[+] Additional icons for movies can be shown in filmographies.
[-] Bugs fixed.
More info

Version 4.3 (Build 226) (6/03/11)

[+] Any information shown on the current page can be printed now.
[+] Added an option to select save modes for PNG files when creating a 
Dune catalog.
[+] Reports can now be exported to PDF.
[+] A double click on the work area of the program opens the edit info 
dialog for the selected movie or person.
[-] Fixed a picture delete bug.
[-] Fixed bugs in batch-adding of DVD/Blu-ray.
[-] Fixed some bugs.

Version 4.2 (Build 213) (5/05/11)

[!] A new algorithm for resizing images.

Version 4.2 (Build 210) (5/01/11)

[-] Fixed some bugs.

Version 4.2 (Build 208) (04/28/11)

[!] Additional view mode: movies and people can be listed in several columns.
It is possible to filter records by their rating and availability of images.
[+] Players can be set up separately for video files and for DVD/Blu-ray.
[+] Greatly increased the number of available fields in the collection and in
reports (media format, audio tracks, subtitles, studios etc.)
[+] It is now possible to set custom values for dune_folder.txt
[+] It is possible to use frames for photos of people in Dune movie catalogs.
[+] Added a new method of creating NFS paths for NAS Synology.
[*] In the file scanner, network environment is now available.
[*] After script updates, .comp files are deleted and automatically re-created.
[-] Bugs fixed.

Version 4.1 (build 196) (2/11/11)

[+] Added covers/photos in search results.
[+] Added the feature to create a Dune entry for the current movie.
[+] Added a plugin that can rename video files using movie titles and 
other parameters.
[*] New photo view in the edit movie/person info mode.
[-] For Dune catalog, the first photo of the person is taken.
[-] Many other bugs fixed.

Version 4.0 (build 193) (1/10/11)

[*] When adding movies with a barcode scanner, additional codes (EAN-2, 
EAN-5) are cut off.
[-] Import of disc numbers from Movie Collector fixed.
[-] sqlite3.dll does not require any additional system libraries anymore.
[-] All types of reports are created.

Version 4.0 (build 192) (1/1/11)

[-] Fixed false virus detection by McAffe.
[-] Fixed movie/person preview on mouse over.

Version 4.0 (build 190) (12/31/10)

[!] Fixed critical bug.

Version 4.0 (build 188) (12/27/10)

[!] New database format, data is stored in Unicode, case insensitive
[+] Add movies without typing anything: scan barcodes with web cameras
or with USB barcode scanners.
[+] New features for the Dune movie catalog: a new "Unseen" section
that contains only the movies from your collection that you haven't
seen yet.
[+] A feature to remove movies from your Dune movie catalog.
[+] Updated Modern user interface, multiple improvements.
[+] You can use the side mouse button to go to the previous page.
[+] The "Collection" items are refreshed automatically when adding or
removing movies.
[+] When downloading movie information from the internet, trailer
links can be saved.
[-] Many bug fixes and optimizations.

Version 3.3 (build 163) (10/01/10)

[*] Changed default download options.
[*] Updated scripts.
[*] Number of interface languages increased.
[-] Corrected AMM import plugin.
[-] Fixed bugs.

Version 3.3 (build 161) (09/16/10)

[+] Added support for user plugins.
[+] Filmography of any person can be edited now.
[+] Support for local IMDB services (imdb.de, imdb.fr etc.)
[+] Auto backup for your database.
[*] Improved support for the NFS protocol when creating an illustrated
movie catalog for Dune HD players.
[*] It is now possible to edit the name of the movie category when
creating a Dune catalog.
[*] Updated import plugins.
[*] Improved user interface.
[*] Additional options in the modern user interface: show the movie
list without covers (faster); on the home page, show latest/best
movies and people without covers and photos, too.
[*] Updated download scripts.
[-] Fixed some bugs.

Version 3.2 (build 156) (06/12/10)

[+] Now it is possible to set up individual download options for scripts.
[+] Improved adding movies in batch, a log is shown for movies that 
haven't been added.

Version 3.2 (build 151) (06/01/10)

[!] Generating movie catalogs for the Dune HD media player.
[+] Blu-ray support.
[+] It is possible to set the number of people to select 
automatically when downloading information about people from the 
current movie.
[*] When adding DVD/Blu-ray, now it is not necessary to enter the name 
of the movie, it will be recognized from the name of the folder or from 
the disc label.

Version 3.1 (build 130) (03/14/10)

[!] Improved speed: works with the database several times faster.
[+] A new field for sorting titles of movies.
[+] Possibility to add files to TV series on the "Seasons" tab.
[+] Possibility to download DVD parameters and descriptions when 
downloading information from sites. For example, for DVDEmpire.
[+] Added outputting statistics in the grid mode.
[+] Possibility to download site rating of movies. For example, from 
[+] Added the possibility to compact the database.
[*] Improved user interface.
[-] Bugs fixed.

Version 3.0.1 (build 123) (02/14/10)

[+] New interface languages.
[-] Fixed errors with setting location.
[-] Fixed saving settings for the portable version.
[-] Fixed an error with updating scripts for persons.
[-] Fixed import plugin for EMDB.
[-] Fixed small bugs.

Version 3.0 (build 114) (12/22/09)

[!] New user interface.
[!] It is possible to set up the information that should be downloaded 
from online movie databases.
[!] Several editions for a single movie.
[+] Improved information download speed.
[+] New plugin to import data from Movie Collector.
[-] Many bug fixed.

Version 2.2 (build 95) (10/26/09)

[-] A minor bug with the script updater fixed.

Version 2.2 (build 94) (10/22/09)

[+] Added statistics window.
[+] Internal code for downloading information about persons rewritten.
[+] Batch download information about persons from the movie.
[+] Show preview about persons and movies when moving the mouse over them.
[+] A feature to set number of frames to save automatically.
[+] Text search in the document.
[+] Hotkeys.
[+] Built-in updates checker.
[-] Merging two databases fixed.
[-] A number of bugs fixed.

Version 2.1.1 (build 80) (09/11/09)

[!] Fixed: the program was hanging when saving movie info.
[-] Fixed HTML patterns.
[-] Fixed import plugin for AMM.

Version 2.1 (build 76) (09/07/09)

[*] Edit movie info dialog is shown faster. To show the list of possible 
persons' names, click the button for adding director/actor etc.
[-] Backup functionality fixed.
[-] When adding movies, drives are no more queried.

Version 2.1 (build 72) (08/26/09)

[!] Auto-update for scripts.
[!] Import of HTML patterns.
[+] Merge two databases into one.
[+] New field - disc label.
[+] Copy and paste pictures from Movienizer.
[+] Additional fields in the report builder.
[+] User interface script by JeF is now available with the program.
[*] Video files scanner added.
[*] Scripts updated.
[-] Bug with doubled covers in reports fixed.
[-] Bug fixes.

Version 2.0 (build 63) (05/04/09)

[+] Customizable items in the Collection.
[+] Selecting scripts to change the appearance of the data.
[+] Portable version is now available.
[+] Drag&Drop to add pictures.
[+] Possiblity to take several shots from a video file at once.
[+] Drag&Drop to add technical information about your video file.
[+] Sorting the movie list by IMDB rating.
[+] Scripts for Adult databases.
[+] Additional 5 fields are available in the report builder. 
[-] The order of movies or people isn't changed anymore after
updating information about them.
[-] Opening demo database fixed.
[-] Deleting covers when adding them manually fixed.
[-] Duplicated descriptions after updating info fixed.	
[-] Some minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.9 (build 56) (02/10/09)

[!] Report builder has been added.
[!] Plugins support for transferring data from other catalog programs
into Movienizer.
[+] Recognition of technical parameters for .mkv and other file types.
[+] Additional fields: awards, file size, video bitrate, video codec,
added/modified/watched date.
[+] Sorting the movie list by title, release year, added date, disc
number, rating.
[+] Movies/people are shown with their rating on the right.
[+] Capability of re-scanning technical parameters of a file/DVD.
[+] Length of short descriptions (synopses) can be adjusted.
[+] New scripts for Italian, Dutch and German online databases.
[*] Title recognition for adding movies from files improved.
[*] Scripts for some sites updated.
[-] Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.8 (build 51) (11/22/08)

[*] Updated scripts for some sites.
[-] Fixed minor bugs.

Version 1.8 (build 49) (08/08/08)

[+] Added group operations for movies.
[+] Added quick filtering by location, media type and media format.
[+] Added new scripts.
[+] New interface languages.
[-] Fixed minor bugs.

Version 1.7 (build 46) (05/12/08)

[+] Added custom fields and lists.
[+] Added quick filter. Movie collection can be instantly filtered to show 
wish list, not watched, for sale etc.
[+] Added quick search. Movienizer searches for movies from your 
collection as you type.
[*] Improved search.
[*] Improved context menus.
[*] Updated scripts for some sites.
[-] Fixed minor bugs.

Version 1.6 (build 40) (04/01/08)

[!] Added TV-series support!
[+] Added possibility to skip downloading data for single movies in batch.
[*] Updated scripts for some sites.
[-] Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 1.5 (build 37) (02/25/08)

[+] Added import from Spanish, Italian, French, and Turkish sites.
[+] Added import from anime sites.
[+] Added new fields: Studios and Composers.
[+] It is possible now to choose scripts that are shown in the Download dropdown list.
[+] Added capability to play videos with an external player.
[+] Added capability to remove unused people from the database.
[+] Added links on people's pages for direct browsing to the source page (from where the information has been retrieved).
[+] New interface languages: French, Polish, Ukrainian, Turkish.
[*] Earnings are now in a separate field.
[*] Personal rating is now 10-grade.
[-] Fixed bugs on loan manager.
[-] Fixed scripts for some sites.

Version 1.4 (build 35) (01/18/08)

[!] Added importing movies from text files.
[+] Added import from a German site.
[+] Supports additional interface languages: Italian and Czech.
[*] Improved viewer of pictures.
[*] Improved reports: added new fields MPAA, location and disc #. Now you 
can include movies from search results in reports.
[*] Improved search.
[-] Fixed adding URLs and new people to movies.
[-] Fixed scripts for some sites.
[-] Fixed DVD playing bugs.

Version 1.3 (build 27) (12/15/07)

[!] Added reports and export to HTML, MS Word, MS Excel.
[+] Added backup and restore database features.
[+] Added a new field: "Disc #".
[-] Fixed scripts for some sites.
[-] Fixed DVD playing bugs.

Version 1.2 (build 23) (12/05/07)

[+] Added custom authorization capability for sites.

Version 1.2 (build 22) (12/04/07)

[+] Added a new field: MPAA rating.
[+] New collection format: Location\Movies.
[*] Improved reading information from a DVD.

Version 1.1 (build 21) (11/29/07)

[-] Fixed the birthdate format string.

Version 1.1 (build 20) (11/28/07)

[*] Impoved scripts.

Version 1.1 (build 19) (11/25/07)

[+] Added new scripts (kinomaniac_movie.pas and kinomaniac_person.pas).
[+] Added a new field for persons: height.
[*] Impoved old scripts.
[-] Fixed some bugs.

Version 1.0 beta (build 17) (11/21/07)

[+] Added English help.
[*] Updated scripts.
[-] Fixed playing blank movies.

Version 1.0 beta (build 10) (11/02/07)

[!] First official version.