Improvements and new features in Movienizer 8.0

Movienizer 8.0. Improvements and new features in the movie organizer.

[!] Controls in the "Edit info" window for movie were reorganized. Directors, screenplay writers and other crew members are shown in a single list.

In the "Edit info" window, various lists (directors, screenplay writers, composers) were combined into one list. Now you can add, remove or edit all crew members on the "General" tab.

Crew in the edit info window

If you need to add a person, click the corresponding category (for example, Directors), then click the plus button in the right upper corner of the list. Alternatively, you can click the arrow next to the plus button and select a category:

Add a crew member

[!] Added support for new types of people: producers and cinematographers.

In addition to directors, screenplay writers and composers, Movienizer 8.0 supports producers and cinematographers. The program will download information about these new types automatically, as you download information about movies.

Producers and cinematographers

You can enable or disable downloading this information in the download script settings:

Download information about producers and cinematographers

As usual, producers and cinematographers can also be added to any movie manually, in the "Edit info" window.

[!] In extended filters, it is now possible to select a logical operator ("AND" / "OR") for fields with several values.

Extended filters have become even more powerful in Movienizer 8.0. Now you can choose how multiple values should be combined within one field.

Logical condition for the extended filter

For example, using the "AND" operator, you will find movies that have both "Adventure" and "Fantasy" in the list of genres. Using the "OR" operator, you will list all movies of the "Adventure" genre plus all movies of the "Fantasy" genre (so the list is likely to be longer than the first one).

The selected logical operator applies to all fields where multiple selections are possible (genre, countries, actors, etc.).

[+] Technical information can now be copied to other editions / episodes.

In Movienizer 8.0, you can fill out fields for one episode of a TV series and then copy the values to the rest of the episodes:

Copy fields to other editions

There are 3 fields that aren't copied: Filename, Duration, and File size. Any information in other fields will be replaced by the information that you've entered into the current episode / edition:

Warning, replacing information

You can choose whether to copy values from the current tab or from all tabs. Additionally, if the TV series includes several seasons, you can copy values to all episodes of the current season, or to all episodes of all seasons:

Choose where to copy fields from and to

[+] Movie rating can be updated without re-downloading any other information.

Movie rating may change quite frequently, especially for recently released movies. In Movienizer 8.0, you can update ratings for any number of selected movies without downloading and updating any other information. Just enable Group Operations, select some movies and click "Tools" - "Update movie rating".

Update movie rating

Movienizer will automatically download the current ratings from the corresponding information source.

Updating movie ratings

No other details are affected by this operation.

[+] For movies with several editions, when movie location is set using the right-click menu, you can now select an edition.

In previous versions of Movienizer you could use the right-click menu to set location only for single-edition movies and for the first edition of movies that had several editions.

Set location using the right-click menu

Movienizer 8.0 will prompt to choose an edition:

Select an edition

In this window, you can select one or more editions.

[+] In the loan manager, loans can be sorted by any column. Additionally the movie you selected in the main window is highlighted.

As you open the built-in loan manager, Movienizer 8.0 automatically highlights the movie you selected in the main window. Thus you can easily find the movie you need, then open the loan manager and change its loan status as necessary.

Additionally, you can now click the title of any column to sort by that column.

Sort by column

[+] The mechanism of getting movie titles from filenames can now be disabled.

When you add movies by scanning your video files, Movienizer tries to extract titles from filenames using a number of filters and algorithms. In Movienizer 8.0 this mechanism can be disabled, which allows to parse filenames in download scripts using custom patterns.

Extracted movie titles

[+] It is now possible to use Kinopoisk rating in Dune templates.

Ratings of the most popular Russian-language site are now available for export to Dune HD players.

[+] Your rating can now be displayed in filmographies.

If you rate your movies using the stars under the main cover, you will now see your rating in filmographies:

Movie rating in a filmography

[+] Filmographies can be sorted by your rating.

By default, all filmographies are sorted by year, the latest movies are shown first. However, you can enable sorting icons in the interface settings and sort by year ascending (the earliest movies shown first), by title ascending, by title descending. Movienizer 8.0 adds new options: sort by your rating ascending and descending:

Sort by rating

For example, if you choose to show the best movies first (according to your star rating), you will get a list like this:

Movies sorted by your rating

[+] New fields are available in reports: screenplay writers, composers, cinematographers, producers.

You can now use more fields in your reports. In particular, information about writers, composers, cinematographers and producers is available.

New fields in the report builder

[+] The new version of the Video File Renamer plugin allows to decode the "Original title" field according to your locale. This provides compatibility with programs that do not support Unicode.

If some software or hardware players have difficulties accessing files with certain non-Latin letters (for example, accented letters), you can use the new feature of the Video File Renamer plugin to decode original titles to the locale of your system.

Video File Renamer

[+] The new version of the Path Changer plugin can hide existing files. This allows quickly selecting videos that were moved to a different folder and need their paths to be updated in Movienizer.

The Path Changer plugin is used mostly in the situation when you moved some files to a different location and want to update their paths in Movienizer. The new version of the plugin can check all paths and hide the ones that are correct. As a result, you get a list of paths that refer to non-existing files. Most probably they are the paths you need to update.

Path Changer

[+] Pictures of awards received by a person are displayed under the main photo on the person's page.

If an actor / actress or a crew member won some awards, pictures of the awards will appear under the person's main photo:

Awards under the main photo

A click on such picture will open a page showing all people that won the award.

[*] When you switch between editions, any changes you made are saved automatically.

Previous versions of Movienizer would discard any changes, if you switched to a different edition without clicking the "Save" (diskette) button. Movienizer 8.0 saves your changes automatically, they are no longer discarded.

[*] If you start Movienizer with your database file moved or deleted, the program prompts to create a new database or open an existing one.

To prevent you from working with a non-existing database, Movienizer 8.0 shows a special window, if the corresponding database file wasn't found on the disk:

Database not found

This may happen if you keep your database on a removable or network drive and start the program when the drive is not available; if you move the database file into a different folder, etc.

[*] The letter filter on the toolbar can contain more elements.

Movienizer shows first letters of movie titles (and names) on its toolbar. You can click a letter to show all movies / people, which have titles / names starting with the letter (according to your filtering settings).

This toolbar was extended in Movienizer 8.0 to include more elements.

Letter filter

[-] Fixed filtering by location in extended filters.

The previous version of Movienizer had a bug that did not allow using locations in extended filters. This bug was fixed in Movienizer 8.0.

[-] Fixed sorting movies by type on the "Collection" tab.

On the "Collection" tab, movies can now be properly sorted by their type.

[-] Fixed behavior of the "Play" button when working with the "Collection" tab.

Using the "Collection" tab, you can apply various operations to any selected group of movies. In particular, it is possible to re-download information and make reports. This requires the toolbar buttons to perform different actions, based on the situation. There was a small bug that might prevent the "Play" button to work correctly in a scenario, where the "Collection" tab was used. The bug was fixed in Movienizer 8.0.

Play the movie

[-] Fixed the error that popped up if you quickly switched between seasons of a TV series in the "Edit info" window.

If you clicked on different seasons of a TV series very quickly, before the episode covers could be properly loaded, Movienizer might display an error message. Movienizer 8.0 addresses this problem.

[-] Fixed editing characters (roles) in the person's window.

In Movienizer 8.0, you can edit names of characters (roles) in the "Edit info" window (people). This did not work in previous versions.

Edit roles

[-] Fixed other bugs.

Movienizer 8.0 includes other small bug fixes and improvements. If you'd like to report a bug or request a feature, just visit our forum or support page.

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