Improvements and new features in Movienizer 6.2

Take a look at the new features and improvements in Movienizer 6.2!

[+] It is now possible to download movie connections (for kinopoisk and imdb). For movie series (for example, Star Wars), the series name and the number in the series are assigned automatically.

Movienizer 6.2 can download information about movie connections: prequels, sequels, spoofs, references, and so on. In particular, it became more convenient to work with movie series. Now Movienizer will automatically assign a name to the corresponding movie series and will inform you if there are other movies from the series:

Movie connections

[+] Downloading awards for people.

Movienizer 6.2 downloads information about awards received by this or that actor / actress, director, etc. You can see the awards by switching to the "Awards" tab on the person's page. Click on the award's name to show all people from your collection that received the award.

Awards of the actor

[+] Showing main movie awards under the movie cover.

If a movie received some awards, the corresponding image will be shown on the movie page, under its cover. You can click the corresponding image to let the program show all movies from your collection that won the same award.

Movie awards

[+] Selecting several images in the "Edit info" window for movies / persons to change the picture type or delete the selected images.

On the "Pictures" tab of the "Edit info" window for movies or persons, you can do various things with images of the corresponding movie / actor: add, delete, change type, change order, etc. In Movienizer 6.2 you can process several images at once. Use "Ctrl" or "Shift" keys to select multiple images.

Selecting several images

[+] Changing the order of items on the "Collection" tab.

For your convenience, you can not only remove existing items or add new ones on the "Collection" tab, but also move items up and down the list to the desired position. Select an item in the "Manage" - "Customize collection" window and use the highlighted buttons to move it up or down.

Changing order of items

[+] In the statistics window, new items showing popularity of actors and directors.

In Movienizer 6.2, new items are available in the statistics window: actors and directors.

Statistics for directors and actors

[+] Full screen mode for the built-in player.

You can play movies directly from your Movienizer catalog with the built-in or with your favorite external video player (this can be selected in "Options" - "Play options"). Movienizer 6.2 allows watching movies in the full screen mode.

Built-in video player

[+] Compact list of persons.

Previously, the Modern, Orange, and Breeze user interfaces (selectable in "Options" - "User interface") allowed turning the usual detailed list of movies on the left into a compact list showing only the movie title and the year of its release. In Movienizer 6.2 these settings were extended to the list of persons as well. You can adjust user interface settings in "Options" (F10) - "User interface" - "Settings".

Compact list of persons

[+] New version of the Video File Renamer plugin.

It is easy to rename your video files using the Video File Renamer plugin. The plugin allows combining information from your Movienizer database into different patterns, creating filenames and folder names according to a certain scheme. Movienizer 6.2 includes a new version of Video File Renamer. The plugin can now also rename associated files (images, description files, etc.).

[*] Improved window for downloading information about actors from the selected movie.

When you open a movie page, you can see a new button, "Info about persons", on the toolbar of the program. You can click on it and easily download or update information about actors, directors, writers, composers that created the movie / played in it. In Movienizer 6.2, this window was improved. Now you can easily select or unselect all people from the list. Additionally, the setting allowing to pre-select a certain number of persons was moved into this window from the options menu.

Download information about actors from the movie

[*] All scripts are checked for updates at the program's startup, missing scripts are downloaded.

Movienizer depends on scripts when it downloads information about movies and actors from the internet. It is necessary to have the latest versions of scripts in order to download correct and full information. Movienizer 6.2 checks for all script updates on startup.

Updating scripts

[-] Fixed bugs.

Movienizer 6.2 includes other small improvements and bug fixes. If you find a problem, please report it on our forum or support page.

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