Improvements and new features in Movienizer 6.1

Take a look at the new Movienizer 6.1, now with support for Popcorn Hour A-400!

[!] Now it is possible to create illustrated movie catalogs for Popcorn Hour A-400.

Movienizer 6.1 extends support for high definition video players. In addition to Dune HD, Google TV, and WD TV Live, it now create illustrated movie catalogs for Popcorn Hour A-400 players, using information from your database. Later you can easily navigate through your movie collection using the remote or even your iPad:

Catalog for Popcorn Hour

[+] On the "Collection" tab, the list of seasons and episodes of TV series can now be displayed, along with the seen flag for each episode.

Movienizer 6.1 allows browsing seasons and episodes of TV series directly on the "Collection" tab, by expanding entries of the corresponding TV series. Clicking on some episode or season will open information about the season in the main area on the right.

Browse seasons and episodes on the Collection tab

[+] A new option to sort the movie list by site rating.

The "Movies" tab of the program displays a list of movies from your collection. It can be filtered and sorted in different ways. Movienizer 6.1 adds a new option: now you can sort your movies according to your favorite site's rating of the movie.

Sort movies by site rating

[+] Awards and site rating can now be used in reports.

Movienizer contains an easy-to-use report builder that allows including various fields from your movie database into your reports. In Movienizer 6.1 the list of fields available in reports was further extended by adding site rating and awards.

Using site rating and awards in reports

[+] Reports can be sorted and filtered according to the selected item on the "Collection" tab.

Movienizer 6.1 makes creating reports easier, as now you can apply any sorting method from the "Collection" tab. Just select an item (or create a new one, if the desired sorting method is not pre-defined) and open "Reports". For example, going to Reports from the situation shown on the screenshot below will result it sorting our report according to IMDb rating.

Create reports using the currently selected sorting method

[+] The HTTPS protocol is now supported in download scripts.

Some sites offer additional content for registered users. Using HTTPS, Movienizer 6.1 can securely log in to such sites and retrieve the additional information.

[+] Searching for adult titles is now supported in the IMDb script.

By default this feature is disabled. You can enable looking for adult titles on IMDb in the IMDb script settings. You will need to enter your IMDb account username and password into the program. The data are transferred to the IMDb server securely, using HTTPS.

[+] Checking integrity of the database when creating a backup copy.

From time to time Movienizer prompts to create a backup copy. This helps keeping your information safe in case there is any problem (virus, system error, power outage, etc.). However, previous versions of the program might create backup copies of already damaged databases. Movienizer 6.1 checks database integrity before creating a backup and reports if there is any problem (so that you can roll back to an earlier backup). While taking a bit longer, this additional check makes sure that everything is correct.

Check database integrity

[+] Creating Dune movie catalogs for Dune players with different network names.

When creating an illustrated catalog of your films for Dune HD, previous versions of Movienizer depended on the default network name of the device. This was sufficient for most cases, but some users preferred to rename the device, especially if they owned several ones. Movienizer 6.1 can work with different network names of Dune.

[+] In the Breeze user interface, it is now possible to show actors by birthplace.

The new version of the Breeze user interface parses information about birthplace and creates hyperlinks, allowing you to learn who else was born in this particular city, state, or country. Just click the entry to show all people born in that place.

Click the city to show all people born there

[+] In the movie list, site rating for the movies can be displayed.

Movienizer 6.1 can display movie rating from any site of your choice. The example below shows IMDb rating. The feature is supported by Breeze, Orange, Modern, and Original user interfaces.

Show site rating in the list

[+] On the "By rating" tab, movies can be sorted by user rating or by site rating.

In Movienizer, you can assign your own rating to movies by clicking the stars on the movie page. However, if you do not use this feature, you can now switch to using a site rating instead. Just select the preferred rating in the interface settings window (F10 - "User interface" - "Settings").

Fragment of the user interface settings window

[+] When searching movies by description, the search phrase is highlighted in descriptions.

Starting with Movienizer 6.0, you can search for a specific phrase in descriptions of your movies. Movienizer 6.1 makes such search more convenient by highlighting the phrase you search for in the corresponding part of the description.

Highlight search phrase in descriptions

[*] Improved parsing of filenames.

The built-in video file scanner was improved in Movienizer 6.1.

[-] Fixed bugs.

As usual, there are many small improvements and bug fixes in the new version of Movienizer. If you discover some problem, please report it on our forum or support page.

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