Improvements and new features in Movienizer 8.1

Movienizer 8.1. Improvements and new features in the movie organizer.

[+] Added a feature to download existing movie lists from IMDb and Kinopoisk.

If you have an account on IMDb or Kinopoisk, there is a good news for you: Movienizer 8.1 can import your movie lists from the corresponding site.

IMDb ratings

Just select "Tools" - "Importing movies from movie sites" - your site:

Tools - Import movie lists

Movienizer will show a small window:

Import movie lists from IMDb

From IMDb, you can import all sorts of lists: the complete list of movies that you ever rated, your WatchList, or any other list (by list ID).

More information about this feature: click here.

[+] Added a confirmation prompt when deleting a movie or a person.

Previous versions of Movienizer deleted movies and persons immediately after you clicked on the corresponding menu item. Movienizer 8.1 will ask you to confirm the operation:

Confirm deleting the movie

You can disable confirmation prompts on the "General" tab of the "Options" window (F10):

Enable or disable confirmation prompts

[+] Added a "Save as poster" button in the image search window.

When searching for additional pictures, you could previously save images as movie covers and as shots from movies (scenes).

Save the selected pictures as posters

Movienizer 8.1 adds an option to save any selected images as movie posters.

[*] Improved cancelling information download when working with several movies.

Movienizer 8.1 has several improvements in the way how downloads are cancelled. Previous versions might ignore your click on the "Cancel" button, if information about several movies or actors was downloaded. The new version closes all download threads and quits downloading without saving anything to the database.

Download is being cancelled

[*] Now it is possible to add several persons with the same name that took part in the same movie without merging their records.

Previous versions of Movienizer merged people that had exactly the same names. This happened because of the fact that, in most cases, additional entries were created by mistake:

Duplicate name

However, there are movies where different real people with same names do take part. So, Movienizer 8.1 follows the format of the corresponding movie database and creates different records for such people.

[*] A new version of the Movie Collector import plugin is included.

You can easily import your movie collections from other programs using plugins. The Movie Collector import plugin has been updated. There are some important changes:

  • Now Movienizer can import trailers.
  • If a movie title contains the release year of the movie, the year is removed from the title.
  • Links to video files and other details about editions are imported to the corresponding editions in Movienizer.
  • Improved importing information about episodes of TV series.

Import from Movie Collector

[-] Fixed creating paths for a Dune movie catalog when the feature of grouping people by the first letter was disabled.

Previous versions of Movienizer might create incorrect relative paths for a Dune catalog, when the "Put people into subfolders according to the first letter of the name" option was disabled. This problem was fixed in Movienizer 8.1.

Group people by first letter

[-] Fixed showing movies in the list when using an extended filter that included a "Not in collection" condition.

Extended filters allow you to create complex conditions to filter your main movie list. A problem was discovered in Movienizer 8.0 that could lead to hiding movies that you edited from the main list, if there was a "Not in collection" condition in the selected extended filter. Movienizer 8.1 does not hide movies after editing, if the corresponding extended filter is still applied.

Extended filter

[-] Fixed showing pictures in the edit info window for movies when the "Previous" and "Next" buttons were used to navigate between movies.

If you opened the "Pictures" tab in previous versions of Movienizer and used the "Previous" - "Next" buttons to switch to the previous / next movie, pictures of the previous / next movie may fail to render, and the program showed blank placeholders instead. This issue was fixed in Movienizer 8.1.

Pictures from the movie

[-] Fixed importing filmographies for people that did several things in a movie (for example, director and composer etc.).

In some rare situations, when importing different types of people at the same time, Movienizer might create wrong filmography entries. While this did not happen with any existing download scripts, this issue was fixed to allow such option in future versions of scripts.

[-] Fixed a problem that might cause showing a "Socket Error" message.

If you downloaded some information with a previous version of Movienizer, but did not save the downloaded information for some time (the "Edit info" window would be displayed), a "Socket error" message might appear. This message did not have any effect, and the issue was fixed in Movienizer 8.1.

You may still get a valid "Socket error" message, if your system does not allow the program to create a network socket (for example, due to antivirus or firewall limitations).

[-] Fixed other bugs.

As usual, there are other minor improvements and bug fixes in Movienizer 8.1. To report a bug or request a feature, just visit our forum or support page.

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