Improvements and new features in Movienizer 6.0

Take a look at the new Movienizer 6.0, now with full Unicode support!

[!] Movienizer now fully supports Unicode, so it is possible to save texts in different languages without readjusting any system settings.

Previous versions of Movienizer worked fine with information in the default system's language. However, if you watch movies from different countries, you may be interested in saving original titles and other details properly. Movienizer 6.0 now fully supports Unicode and can display information about movies and actors in any language. You can use plain Latin letters, accented letters, German "umlauts", Cyrillic letters, Han characters, and pretty much anything else - all inside a single database, without switching your system locale to this or that language!

Organize movies in different languages in the same database

[+] New user interface: Breeze. On the main page, random shots from your movies are shown.

In addition to the previously available set of user interfaces, a new one was added in Movienizer 6.0: Breeze. It uses a new design for information pages and some new features. One of such features is the ability to show random shots from your movies on the home page of the program.

Breeze interface, random screenshots

[+] In the Breeze, Orange and Modern interfaces, now it is easy to see people whose birthday is today.

In addition to the "Last added", "Last updated" and "Best rated", there is now a "Born today" tab on the home page of the program. It is displayed, if there are people in your collection born on this date.

Actors born today

[+] An important feature for movie lovers: download information about people and learn about their spouses.

Movienizer 6.0 downloads information about spouses of actors. As usual, you can click on the name of a spouse and hit "Download" to learn more about the person. If the person is an actor/actress, too, his or her biography, filmography, and other details will be downloaded.

Information about spouses of actors

[+] A new feature to replace (instead of adding) movie descriptions or biographies when downloading information. Attention: by default it is enabled!

Previous versions of Movienizer added downloaded descriptions to the existing ones. However, this could lead to repetitive descriptions, if a few characters were changed somewhere in between, and you redownloaded information. In Movienizer 6.0, it is possible to replace existing descriptions and biographies with newer ones without removing previous texts manually. By default, the feature is enabled, you can disable it on the "Download options" tab of the "Options" menu.

Replace movie descriptions and biographies of persons

[+] On the "Search" tab, there is a new feature to search for movies using a phrase from their descriptions.

The search engine becomes even more powerful in Movienizer 6.0! Now it is able to search for some phrase or even word in various descriptions of the movie (description, comment, episode description, etc.). As usual, the request can be combined with other parameters (for example, you can look for some specific phrase in the Thriller genre).

Search in descriptions

[+] Now it is possible to add several pictures from files at once.

On the "Pictures" tab of the "Edit info" dialog, you could click the green plus button and add an image to the existing information about a movie. However, if you needed to add more than one image, you needed to insert files one by one (or use the Drag&Drop feature). In Movienizer 6.0, it is now possible to add multiple image files at once.

Add multiple pictures at once

[*] Last added and last updated movies are now sorted not only by date, but also by time.

Information about date added was supplemented by time added, so now even movies that you add on the same date can be sorted in the order that you used when adding them. As usual, you can select a sorting method for your movie list in "Manage" - "Sort movie list by".

Sort your movies by date added

[*] Pictures can now be displayed at the center of the screen.

Previous versions of Movienizer fixed the image viewer window using its left top corner coordinates. However, this could be inconvenient, if size of pictures in your movie collection was very different. Movienizer 6.0 includes an additional option: it allows showing the image viewer window always in the center of the screen.

Show images in the center of the screen

[-] Fixed bugs.

Movienizer 6.0 includes numerous small improvements and bug fixes. If you find a problem, please feel free to report it on our forum or support page.

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