Improvements and new features in Movienizer 7.1

[!] Added custom fields and lists for persons.

Custom fields and lists for movies were available in the movie organizer for a long time. In Movienizer 7.1, these additional fields are also available for people. Now you can add more information about actors, directors, screenplay writers, composers. For example, we use one custom field as "Eye color" and a custom list as "Tags":

Custom fields on the person's page

Names and values of custom fields can be edited in the same way as in the custom fields for movies. In the "Edit info" window for persons, a new tab is dedicated to custom fields:

Custom fields tab

[+] On the "Search" tab, it is possible to search for movies that are not in the collection.

In Movienizer, there are movies that belong to your collection (have the "In collection" flag set) and other movies (for example, movies from filmographies). Previously the "Search" tab offered only two possible options for the "Status" field: in collection or in database. If the latter option was selected, the program found both movies that were in collection and movies that were not. Thus it was not possible to search only for movies that were not in collection. Movienizer 7.1 adds a new option:

Find movies that are not in collection

[+] Saving size of the "Add movie/ Add person" windows.

It is possible to change size of the "Add movie" and "Add person" windows by dragging their borders. Movienizer 7.1 keeps your adjustments between sessions.

Add movie

[+] Added a hotkey combination, Ctrl+D, to open the Dune catalog wizard for the current movie.

You can create information pages and covers for your Dune HD media player for all your movies. Alternatively, it is possible to create such pages and covers just for the current movie. Movienizer 7.1 adds a new hotkey combination that allows doing this quicker. Just open the page of some movie and press Ctrl + D:

Create a Dune movie catalog for the current movie

[+] In the "Customize collection" window, a new variable, %40, is available. It can be used to create "Date added" entries.

The new variable allows creating a combination where your movies will be sorted in the order you added them into Movienizer. For example, we created the "Date added\Movies" entry:

Collection tab

However, this also allows creating more complex (multi-level) entries, as required.

[+] When adding movies from files, an existing movie cover can be used as the main cover.

If you have correct movie covers stored beside your video files,

Movie cover and video file

you can allow Movienizer using it instead of the cover that it downloads from the internet. Just enable the corresponding option in the "File scanner settings":

File scanner settings

[*] In the "Add movie / Add person" window, the focus is automatically set to the field where you enter information.

When you opened the "Add movie" or "Add person" window in a previous version of Movienizer, the focus was set to options. Thus you needed to click on the text field to start entering movie titles or names. Movienizer 7.1 allows to start entering titles and names faster.

[*] On the toolbar, width of arrows that open dropdown lists is increased.

Movienizer 7.0 introduced bigger toolbar buttons. Subsequently, we received some requests to increase size of the arrows that opened the dropdown lists with options. This was adjusted in Movienizer 7.1:

Arrow next to a button

[*] On the "Collection" tab, movies from movie series are sorted by their number in the series.

Another tweak of Movienizer 7.1 refers to the "Collection" tab. In particular, its "Movie series" entry. Now movies under this entry are sorted by their number in the series:

Movie series

[-] Fixed creating a movie catalog for Popcorn Hour.

Movienizer 7.1 fixes a problem with passing credentials to the Popcorn Hour media player.

[-] Fixed counting number of movie series in the statistics.

The "Statistics" window now shows the number of movie series in the current collection for the "Number of movie series" entry. Previously, the general number of movies in all movie series was displayed.

Movie statistics

[-] Fixed saving the selected state of the "Replace descriptions / biographies when downloading info" option.

On the "Download options" tab of the general settings window of the program, you can choose whether to replace descriptions and biographies when you download information. With this option enabled, descriptions and biographies are replaced by newly downloaded data. If you disable the option, downloaded descriptions are added to the existing ones.

Download settings

Previously, Movienizer did not save your selection, if other than "Custom settings" option was selected on the top. This is fixed in Movienizer 7.1.

[-] When creating a Dune movie catalog, in the "Directors" category, all people are now processed instead of only those who have photos.

Movienizer 7.1 fixes a small bug in the logic of the Dune movie catalog wizard. This refers to the "Directors" category.

[-] When using several tabs, correct files can be played from the toolbar for the selected tab.

If you work with several tabs, several tabs with movies can be opened at the same time. Movienizer 7.1 allows selecting correct files for each tab, using the "Play" button on the toolbar:

Play button on the toolbar

[-] Fixed adding people that are actors, directors and screenplay writers at the same time.

Movienizer 7.1 fixes a problem that could lead to creating multiple entries for the same person in certain circumstances.

[-] Fixed other bugs.

Movienizer 7.1 contains other small improvements and bug fixes. Visit our forum or support page to report a bug or suggest a feature.

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