Improvements and new features in Movienizer 8.2

Movienizer 8.2. Improvements and new features in the movie organizer.

[+] Now it is possible to sort the list of people by the last name.

Movienizer 8.2 adds a new field for people, sorting name. Now you can sort people by their last names:

The list is sorted by last name

You can switch between different sorting options for the list of people in the "Manage" menu, "Sort people list by":

Sort the list of people in different ways

Just like with sorting titles, you can edit sorting names by clicking the "..." button next to the person's name in the "Edit info" window:

Edit sorting name

[+] The report builder can add the date when the report is created.

Even though you could create reports with date in previous versions of Movienizer using the advanced editor, Movienizer 8.2 also adds this feature to its report builder:

Print the report date

Thus you can now easily create reports with dates without using the advanced report editor.

[+] Now it is possible to download user comments / reviews from the internet.

Besides descriptions, shots, cast & crew, and other details, Movienizer 8.2 can also download user comments.

Downloaded user comments

[+] Extended filters can apply their own sorting rules.

Extended filters become even more powerful in Movienizer 8.2. Now they can define their sorting rules, which override the rules set for the main list.

Sorting in extended filters

[+] Extract movie titles from folder names, if there is just one video file.

A new feature in Movienizer 8.2 allows to prefer folder names, if there is only one video file in the folder. For some collections, this allows to extract movie titles more correctly.

Extract titles from folder names

Depending on your situation, you can enable or disable this option in the file scanner settings.

[+] In the Dune HD catalog, new categories are available - screenplay writers and location.

If you own a Dune HD media player and create illustrated movie catalogs for it using Movienizer, you may find the new feature quite helpful. Movienizer 8.2 can create additional categories - screenplay writers and location - and sort your movies by them.

Location and writers are now available as categories on Dune

[-] Fixed bugs.

As usual, there are other minor improvements and bug fixes in Movienizer 8.2. To report a bug or request a feature, just visit our forum or support page.

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