Compare Filenames With Movie Titles

When you add your movies from files and folders, the feature of skipping search results can be enabled. In this case, Movienizer will grab the first result for each video file. The page with search results will not be displayed at all, which allows to download information for all movies automatically, in the unattended mode.

But is the first result always correct? This depends on your filenames and on the information source that you use. Movienizer tries to extract movie titles from filenames (by the way, you can help the program by editing the extracted titles), but the resulting title may be incorrect or not unique. For example, there are often different movies with the same title. Sometimes it is difficult to tell whether it's a title or a year (like 1408, 2012, etc.).

So, for some files you may get wrong matches. How to find such matches in a collection of hundreds or thousands movies?

There is a plugin for Movienizer that compares filenames with titles and lists insufficiently similar entries. You can review these entries and decide whether they need to be corrected.

To start working with the plugin, download it from our forum (browse the topic to get the latest version) and unzip the downloaded file to the "Plugins" folder of Movienizer (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Movienizer\Plugins on x64 versions of Windows).

After this, start (or restart, if it was running) Movienizer. Find the "Filename Checker" entry in the "Plugins" menu:

Filename checker

Click the entry. This opens the plugin window:

Comparing filenames with titles

The topmost field shows the complete path to the currently selected database. This cannot be changed. If you need to process a different database, just close the plugin and open the database in Movienizer.

The "Threshold" value defines how close titles should be to filenames. 1 allows the plugin to compare loosely, while 9 will require almost exact matches. The default is 5.

"Compare title" defines whether to compare filenames with titles.

"Compare original titles" works similar to the previous option, but compares filenames with original titles. This may be useful if you filenames contain original titles instead of titles.

By default both options are enabled. If you disable them, all video files from your database along with the corresponding movie titles will be shown.

Furthermore, the plugin can export its list into a text file, as a tab-separated list. Press the "Export" button to do that. On the right, you can choose whether the plugin should export titles, filenames, or both.

The exported list can help you review movies of your collection and make necessary adjustments.

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