Movie List Options and Filters

When you open Movienizer, there is a list of movies in the left part of the main window. The "Movies" tab is shown by default, listing all movies that you have added into the program. There are three other tabs: Collection, Persons, Search, but we will not switch to them right now.

Take a look at the bottom of the movie list. There is a small toolbar:

Bottom toolbar of the movie list

Two leftmost buttons can be used to switch between the detailed list and cover list modes. By default, the detailed list mode is active:

Detailed movie list

We can switch to the cover list mode:

Cover list mode

Further to the right, there is a star button with an arrow next to it. Click on the arrow to open a list:

Filter by rating

These are values of your own rating (star rating). You can rate your movies using the stars on the movie page. Using this button, you can filter your movie list, allowing it to hide movies that you rated lower than the selected value.

The next three buttons control displaying movies, movie series and TV series in the movie list. For example, we disable showing movies and TV series, keeping only the movie series button depressed:

Showing movie series

This shows us only movies that belong to certain movie series.

Now we enable showing TV series and disable movie series:

Showing TV series

By default, all three buttons are depressed, showing all sorts of movies and TV series.

Next to the right, there is a green round button with a checkmark. It enables Group Operations:

Group Operations enabled

If you click this button, two more buttons appear on the right, and boxes appear near movie titles in the list. With the additional buttons, we can select or unselect all currently displayed movies to apply various actions to them. To learn more, check the article about Group Operations.

The filters available on the toolbar can be combined with other filters of the program.

This small bottom toolbar can also be undocked and dragged into a different position, although it's not recommended.

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