Awards For Persons

In Movienizer you can manage information about your movies and about persons from the movies: actors, directors, screenplay writers, composers. To download information about some person, click the person's name on a movie page and hit the "Download" button. Alternatively, the "Add person" button can be used.

When you download information about a movie, awards received by the movie can also be downloaded (according to your download settings). But if you give it another thought, a movie award is always received by some person - an actor (actress) or a crew member.

That's why Movienizer can list awards for persons, too.

If you'd like to get awards for persons, make sure that the corresponding option is enabled. Press F10, click the "Download options" tab:

Download awards for persons

After this, download information about some person.

The downloaded awards will be displayed on the "Biography" tab of the "Edit info" for the person:

Downloaded awards for the person

As usual, you can edit the downloaded information or even enter everything manually.

After you click "Save", the "Edit info" window is closed. Now the page of the person is displayed:

Page of the person with awards

Under the main photo of the person, images of all awards won by the person are displayed. You can click an image to see all persons from your collection who won the award:

Persons who won the award

If the option for downloading awards was disabled, you will need to re-download information for previously added persons in order to get their awards.

The complete list of awards (wins and nominations) can be seen on the "Awards" tab of the person:

The awards tab of the person

Just like with all pieces of information, downloading awards for persons depends on the selected information source and its settings.

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