Download Information About Persons From A Movie

When you add your movies into the program, Movienizer downloads such details as covers, descriptions, awards. Among other things, cast and crew lists are downloaded. By default, Movienizer also downloads photos of some first actors (directors, screenplay writers, composers), but you can disable this feature on the "Download options" tab of the settings window.

You can also add persons using the "Add person" button on the toolbar, or click on a person's name (on the page of a movie) and hit the "Download" button. Usually this downloads such information as photos, biography, filmography, facts, etc.

But instead of downloading information for each person individually, you can easily download details for a group of people that took part in a movie.

After you add or update a movie, Movienizer shows its page:

Movie page - download information about persons

When such a page is displayed, the "Info about persons" button becomes available on the toolbar of the program. Click it to open the following window:

Download or update information about persons

In the main list of this window, all persons from the selected movie are displayed. Persons that you have already added to your collection have a 'person' icon between the selection box and their names.

The 'Select people automatically" option below the list defines how many persons are pre-selected when you open the window. Movienizer pre-selects persons that are not in your collection yet. By default, 3 persons are pre-selected (as on the screenshot above), but you can change this.

To select all persons from the list, click the box with the checkmark above the list, in the upper right corner.

To unselect all persons, click the empty box.

The "Download information about the persons from the Internet" box defines whether information about the selected persons should be downloaded. If it is disabled, Movienizer will simply add the persons to your collection without downloading any information about them.

The "Options..." link allows choosing a different information source.

This feature is meant to be used in situations when both information about movies and information about persons is downloaded from the same source (like IMDb in our example). It may not work properly, if different information sources are used (for example, allmovie for movies and IMDb for persons). Click here to learn more about information sources.

In the window, click "Next" to download information about selected persons. Downloaded details depend on your download settings.

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