Filmography Icons

Movienizer can download information about movies and persons from the internet. For persons, a filmography can be downloaded (depending on your download settings and information source). Of course, like with other details, a filmography can be added manually.

It is possible to display some additional icons in a filmography:

Icons in a filmography

Their meaning refers to the statuses of the movie. In the "Edit info" window for a movie, there are 4 checkboxes:

Movie statuses

  • In collection means that the movie is in your collection. This is automatically set when you download information about the movie.
  • Seen means that you have already seen the movie. You can set this status manually. It is also set automatically if you rate the movie.
  • Wanted - the movie is not in your collection, but you'd like to have it. This status is set manually.
  • For sale means that you'd like to get rid of the movie. It is also set manually.

These statuses are also shown in the upper right corner of the movie page:

Status icons

These icons are clickable, which means that you can set or remove the status by clicking on the corresponding icon.

As you have already guessed, these statuses can also be displayed in a filmography. By default, only the "In collection" icon is shown.

If you'd like to see all statuses in a filmography, press F10 (the "Options" window is shown) and select the "User interface" tab:

Open interface settings

Click on the "Settings" button below the list. This opens a window with interface settings. Look for the "Filmography options" area on the right:

Filmography options

Here we can enable or disable icons for each status in a filmography. Additionally, the icons can be shown on the right (by default, they are added on the left, before movie titles):

Icons on the right

There is also an option to show sorting icons, which allows sorting filmographies in different ways.

The status icons in filmographies help seeing the main statuses of all movies at a glance.

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