Spouses Of Actors

This article describes how Movienizer downloads and manages information about spouses of actors / actresses, directors, screenplay writers, etc.

When you add movies and TV series, Movienizer downloads just some very basic information about actors and crew members (name, photo, character). At any time you can click any person's name and hit the "Download" button to get more details. This will download more photos, a filmography, a biography, date and place of birth, date of death (if applicable), height, marital status, and more (depends on your information source and download settings).

Information about spouses may look like this in Movienizer:

Spouses of the actress

You can click the names and download information about the people to learn more.

There is no special option for marital information on the "Download options" tab of the "Options" window (F10). Disable the "Download additional information" option, if you do not want to get information about spouses:

Download additional info controls spouses

If you download information from IMDb, you can enable and disable downloading spouses in the script settings. Just open the "Scripts for persons" tab and click the "Settings" button. In the "Script settings" window, find the "Download spouses" option:

IMDb script settings

Enable or disable it, as necessary, and click "OK" to apply the changes.

You can add, remove and edit information about spouses manually. Double-click the page of the corresponding person to open the "Edit info" window. Switch to the "Other" tab.

Edit marital information

There is a list of spouses. You can click any entry in the list and edit it directly. To remove an entry, select it and click the yellow minus button on the right.

To add a new entry, click the green plus button on the right, then select a name and enter further details (number of children, dates, status).

Clicking the "Save" button will confirm your changes, saving them to your database.

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