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With Movienizer you can organize movies and TV series of all sorts. As you add movies into the program, information can be downloaded from the internet or entered manually. Among other things (like movie title, year, genre, cast & crew, description, covers, shots, etc.) there is a movie type field. You can find it on the "General" tab of the "Edit info" window:

The movie type field

This field is supposed to contain the 'type' of the selected movie. There are several suggested types that give us an idea what the field can be used for: Television, Movie, Animation, Trailer. But you can freely re-define these values and provide your own ones. To edit the list, click the "..." button next to the field.

This opens the following window:

Edit movie types

Use the buttons on the right to edit, add, or delete entries. Do not forget to confirm your changes with "OK".

If you use the IMDB script to download information about movies and TV series, it can fill out the movie type field automatically. There are two options in the script settings:

Movie type in IMDB settings

In the "Main data" area (on the left), there is a simple "Type" entry. If you disable it, no movie types will be filled out automatically by the IMDB script.

By default, Movienizer sets the following values: Movie, TV series, TV movie, Video.

On the right, there is a standalone option: "Use genres to detect types of movies". If enabled, it can provide additional movie types, like Documentary or Animation.

While there can be combined types (for example, animated TV series), the "Type" field allows emphasizing what is most important for you.

On the movie page, the movie type is represented as a hyperlink:

Movie type

A click on it opens a page with all movies of this type from your collection:

All animation movies

It is also possible to filter the main movie list on the left by movie type, using the "Quick filter" menu:

Filter by movie type

Additionally, the field can be used on the "Collection" tab, in Reports, in Group Operations.

Pre-defined and downloaded movie types allow using the field without much effort. On the other hand, you can create and use your own movie types, for example, "French movies", "Animals", "Family movie", etc.

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