Types Of Images In Movienizer

When you add movies and persons, the movie organizer downloads some information from the internet. Among other things (such as cast & crew, movie description, awards, etc.), the program downloads various sorts of pictures. Let's take a closer look at these pictures and their types.

First of all, there are movie covers. They are displayed in the left part of the movie page and in all sorts of lists in the program (the main list, various selections, search results, reports, and so on).

A movie cover

You can click an image to show it in the built-in image viewer:

Image viewer

Using the arrow buttons on the toolbar of the image viewer, you can browse all pictures (not just covers) for the selected movie.

Images shown in the image viewer can be resized to a certain width (that you set up in the "Options" window of the program) or displayed in their original size. You can switch between the modes directly in the image viewer window. If this button is depressed Show pictures in the original size, images are shown in their original size (resolution).

Furthermore, there are shots from the movie. In the Breeze interface, they are displayed on the right:

Shots from the movie

Again, you can click an image to show it in the image viewer.

If you add movies from video files or link them to your video files at some point later, you can easily create your own shots.

Then there are posters. While posters are typically high-resolution images advertising the movie, they may look exactly the same as movie covers. In fact, you can easily set a poster as the main cover of a movie:

Set poster as the main cover

By the way, you have already noticed that the navigation band on the movie page can be used to access all shots and all posters:

Navigation band on the movie page

Back covers belong to yet another type of images. You can download back covers from such information sources as DVDEmpire.

There are also backdrops. Just like posters, they are high-resolution promotional pictures, but in the landscape orientation (width is bigger than height). They can be used as desktop background pictures. Quite often shots from movies are used as backdrops.

User images are images that you add yourself (for example, by dragging and dropping them into Movienizer from Windows Explorer). You may want to change this type to something more appropriate (for example, to "Cover" or "Shot from movie"). Just open the "Edit info" window for the movie, navigate to the "Pictures" tab, right-click a picture and select its type:

Change type of the picture(s)

Trailer is a special type of picture linked to a movie trailer.

Additionally, there are photos. You will not find this type on a movie page, it belongs to persons. By default, photos of some actors are downloaded together with information about movies:

Photos on a movie page

On the "Download options" tab of the "Options" window, you can choose how many images of each type should be downloaded from the internet. Some further settings are available in the "Settings" window for the corresponding download script.

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