Selecting Best Comedies

As an example of sorting and filtering in Movienizer, we will take selecting best movies in the comedy genre. As usual, this can be accomplished in several ways.

This article describes how to work with movies and TV series that you have already added into Movienizer.

The "Search" Tab

One of the easiest ways to select all comedies in your collection and sort them by your rating is on the "Search" tab. Click the "Search" button on the toolbar or simply select the "Search" tab on the left:

Best comedies as search results

In the "Genre" field, select "Comedy". For the "Sort by" field, set "Rating" (if you'd like to sort your movies by your own rating; to use IMDb rating instead, select "IMDb rating").

Click the "Search" button below. All comedy movies from your collection will be displayed on the right, the very best ones come first.

As usual, you can export or print this list in Reports.

Extended Filters

The above method works fine, but you may want to have your best movies in the main list, on the "Movies" tab. In particular, this would allow to apply group operations and to sort your movies by a site rating other than IMDb. Furthermore, you would be able to browse information about the movies while keeping the list.

Fortunately, this is possible. You just need to create an extended filter.

If you used the "Search" tab method, just click the "Create filter" button.

Creating an extended filter

In the "Extended filter settings" window, click the "Save" button.

Alternatively, you can create an extended filter manually, using the above rules.

This filter will deliver a list of comedies. Now we just need to sort them. Use the "Manage" - "Sort movie list by" menu:

Sort comedies by rating

Our best comedies are now displayed at the top of the list.

Comedies sorted by rating

At the bottom of this list we will find our worst or unrated comedies. However, if we sort by our own rating (the star rating), an additional filter at the bottom of the list area can be applied:

Rating filter

Using this filter, we can hide comedies rated worse than the selected value.

Extended filters allow to use more complex conditions. For example, we can select comedies that are suitable for kids (using the MPAA rating field).

The "Collection" Tab

The "Collection" tab offers a number of predefined sorting methods with the option to create new ones. We have added this format: %07\%12\%10; description: Genres\Rating\Movies. Now all our movies are sorted by genres and by rating. Let's select "Comedy" and the corresponding rating value:

Best comedies on the collection tab

We can click the titles to view information about the corresponding movie on the right. Additionally, information from each item can be sent to Reports.

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